Hot Air Balloon Trace and Decorate Lesson Plan Preschool Printable Activity

Themes Activities Materials
Alphabet > Letter B > B is for Balloon

> Primary or French national colors

Holidays and Events
Jun 4th, 1783 > 1st Hot Air Balloon flight
Jul 14th > Bastille Day [France]
Other aviation observances

Multicultural > France


Transportation > Aviation >  Hot Air Balloon aircraft

Visit the Hot Air Balloon Lesson Plan to support this activity. This lesson plan  has information about this aircraft, and its inventors, the Montgolfier brothers.  Review related topics in the themes column.

Activity: Hot Air Balloon Trace and Decorate

Skills:  Pre-handwriting [tracing], shapes and colors recognition, scissor cutting skills

Suggestion > print to light blue paper for a sky background or cut out once decorated and paste to blue craft paper -- add clouds with cotton balls.

  1. Trace the balloon's outline in clockwise motion in primary colors or choose colors for a holiday.  Trace the clouds with blue or gray.

  2. Decorate the inside of the balloon with cut-up shapes > use precut foamies [children under age 4], construction paper > children can help cut out the shapes to practice scissors skills.

  3. Identify the colors and shapes

  4. Fill clouds with cotton balls or cotton batting.

Crafty ideas > Holidays > July 14th, Bastille Day or French Theme [Blue, red and white balloon] or adapt to any holiday.

  • For celebrating the French national holiday, Bastille Day or a France theme, decorate the balloon with  red, dark blue and white, their flag and national colors.

Hot Air Balloon Trace and Decorate

B is for Balloon Lesson Plan


coloring pencils crayons or markers

glue stick


cut out shapes from color paper or foamies
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