Winter Tree Snowflakes and Numbers 1 to 10
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activity

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Let's celebrate winter with this activity. Visit the complementary educational topics in the themes above to support and expand on this activity.

winter tree snowflakes numbers printable activity

Activity: Winter Tree Snowflakes Numbers 1 to 10 > Template [color only]

Basic skills:  Colors, square shape, numbers, counting, scissor cutting skills, hand and eye coordination [match and paste] Identify colors > the tree is green, the snowflakes are white.

  1. Identify snowflake numbers and count from 1 to 10.
  2. Identify the snowflakes are inside a square shape.
  3. Cut out the snowflake squares.
  4. Match and paste the snowflake number to numbers in the tree.

Crafty idea > Make a Winter Snowing Scene or a Decoration

> 1 piece of white paper for template, 1 piece of blue construction paper, cotton balls. Optional > snowflake stickers or winter animal stickers, glue, scissors.

  • Cut loosely around the tree template.
  • Paste cotton balls or batting on the lower edge of the blue construction paper or cut a piece of white paper and paste to lower edge.
  • Paste the tree to blue construction paper over the "snow".
  • Paste large silver sequins or snowflake stickers in the blue background for falling snow.
  • Paste winter animal stickers or snowman next to the tree.
  • Decoration > Cut out the tree.  Add string or ribbon to make an ornament.