Alphabet Letter E Elk
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Activities Materials
Here are printable materials and some suggestions to present letter E > short e sound.

Animals > Mammals > American Elk or Wapiti >
The American elk or wapiti is a large deer found in north America that has large, spreading antlers.

The European elk is a large deer found in northern Europe and Asia.  It has large antlers shaped like a palm with spread fingers.  In North America the same kind of animal is called a moose.

Visit the deer family theme for activities and crafts related to the elk.  

Alphabet Activities > Letter E is for Elk
Present and display your option of letter E printable activities in the materials column.

Children age 3 and under:
Print letter E coloring page D'Nealian or Standard Block font and an elk coloring page behind it or on a separate page if using paints to decorate later. Discuss other letter E words found on the worksheet.

Finger Tracing:
Trace letter E's in upper and lower case with your finger as you also sound out the letter.  Invite the children to do the same on their coloring page.

Children can trace and color the letter E's.  After completing coloring the letter, encourage children to color the elk coloring page and write letter E e and the word elk on the margins.

Children Ages 3+: Alphabet - beginning letter E (short sound) >

letter o ox oxen color and trace activityTrace and coloring activity

Finger and pencil tracing: Trace letter E's in upper and lower case with your finger as you also sound out the letter. Invite the children to do the same on your worksheet. Encourage to trace the dotted letter, and explain the direction of the arrows. Color or paint image, add other elements such as vegetation.

Present the Letter E Worksheet and Mini Book program.  Read suggested instructions for using the worksheet and mini-book.

Display letter E posters and coloring pages or assemble a letter E classroom book with Letter E printable activities.

Children ages 4+:
Letter E Word Search:
A four-word search game features the elk and letter E words with pictures and handwriting practice.

Advanced independent handwriting practice:
1.  Print your choice of printable lined-paper and encourage children to draw an elk behind the page or print an elk coloring page.

2.  Drawing and writing paper:  Encourage children to draw and color an elk and write letter E e.
Age 3 and under
letter e coloring page
Letter E coloring page
Standard Block
Ages 3+
Letter E Worksheet and Mini-Book
Letter E Worksheet & Mini Book

(short E sound)
D'Nealian & Standard block

Ages 4+
letter e word search and handwriting
Word Search & Handwriting
printable lined paper
Printable lined-paper
Ages 5+
drawing and writing paper
Drawing & writing paper

All ages
elk wapiti coloring page
Elk coloring page

Deer family coloring pages