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> Letter G > G is for Grapes

Bible > John 15

Fables > Character Education > The Fox and the Grapes

Holidays and Events >
*March > National Nutrition Month
*June > Fruits & Vegetables Month  

Nutrition > Fruits


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Ages 2 to 6:

*  This is a fun way to practice or introduce the letter G, and color purple. Yummy, juicy, scrumptious and groovy grapes!  

*  This is also a wonderful activity to celebrate nutrition and health events.

Activity > Grapes at Dole.com
Learn about basic nutrition facts and search for an easy recipe to enjoy grapes. Grapes are an excellent snack. Emphasize on the 5-A-Day program.

Activity > Craft > Groovy Grapes Craft

Have fun putting Groovy Grapes together:
* Print Groovy Grapes craft template in your choice of color or black and white

* Print the G is for Grapes color poster.

* Present the G is for Grapes color poster to the child and explain that grapes are a fruit, and the benefits of eating fruits.  Grapes can be violet, green, and many other colors. Tell the child Grapes starts with the letter G.  Other words that start with the letter G: giraffe, goat, goose, game, etc.  

*  Now tell child s/he is going to make his very own G Groovy Grapes Fruity Buddy to remember the letter G.

* color and decorate template pieces

* cut template pieces (younger children need assistance)

*2-3 year olds: 

1. Write the letter G g (in upper case and lower case) on the grape template (body) on the desired locations for pasting the template pieces.

2. Have child put dots of glue on the G g's you printed on  the grape template.  

3. Give the pieces one by one to the child to place over the G g's on the grape template.  

*3 and older:  Do steps 1 and 2, and then  allow them to do as much as possible by themselves.

*  Take a snack break:  Eat grapes and dip on grape flavored yogurt.  

Activity > Alphabet Letter G Grapes 
Review and present letter G grapes printable activities.

Coloring Page Activity for G is for Grapes
* Use any coloring items: crayon, markers or try one of this ideas:
*  Cut  2 large grapes in half  and use them as  stampers to paint the grapes.  
*  Mix different hues of purple by mixing purple with red.  Make three shades in paper plate or show child how purple is achieved by mixing red and blue.  Use a brush or fingers for the leaves.  

*Place color poster, coloring page and Groovy Grapes in a place of honor in a grouping, refer to it during the week.

Activity > Online Coloring > Grapes
Skills > Computer mouse and colors

Have children color the grapes online to practice using the computer mouse and practice color recognition.

Activity > Character Education > Literacy > Aesop's Fable > The Fox and the Grapes
Print, read and discuss the fable. Discuss what is a fable.

Activity > Bible > John 15: "I am the Vine; You Are the Branches."
This activity is appropriate for Sunday school, at home or vacation Bible school.

Letter G Grapes printable activities
This craft is available at dltk-teach.com
DLTK's Groovy Grapes Craft in your choice of color or b/w.

Online Coloring
Grapes coloring pages
1 | 2

* something to color or paint with.  
*glue or glue stick

*Optional: for the G is for Grapes coloring page you can show how purple is obtained by mixing red & blue on a paper plate. You can also create three shades by adding more red. greenery. 

*green paint for leaves

*cotton ball or small sponge


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