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D is for Dove

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Dove (Pigeon)

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*Color and Decorate a *Dove
Dove Craft

Holidays and Events
*Jan. 5th > National Bird day
*Jan. > MLK Day

*Feb. 14th - Valentine's Day
* May 4th > Bird Day
*March or April > Easter
*Peace Education events

Seasons > Spring

is the common name for a family of birds; smaller species are commonly known as doves. These birds are most abundant in warm regions and can be found in almost every region of the world.
Resource > Pigeon | Dove > facts and images at

Doves > Symbolism
Doves are a symbol of love and peace.
Resource > Doves as symbols at

Holidays and Events > St. Valentine's Day | Olympic Games and Peace Education:

Doves are and appropriate theme for various holidays that promote love and peace listed in the themes column.

Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Dove
Skill:  Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a dove image.  The default puzzle is 6 pieces.  Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Art & Crafts Activity Option 1:  Ages 2-5 - Dove Puppet or Decoration
Decorate a dove coloring page (Ages 2+) and Practice Letter D is for Dove
Method 1:  Use watercolors, finger paints in any shade.  While the paint is still damp add a small pieces of white tissue paper,  scraps of construction paper.
Method 2:  Print on card stock. Color or paint.  Paste a few craft feathers, a small button or plastic googly for an eye, and cut loosely around the image. Write letter D d is for Dove on the back:
    Three ideas after dove is decorated:
    1.  Paste the image over a blue piece of construction paper (the sky), paste a few cotton balls for clouds.
    2. Tape a piece of string or yarn to make a hanging ornament.
    3.  Take a craft stick to the back to make a puppet, children can pretend to make the dove fly.

Option 2
Draw a Dove and  practice writing letter D and the word dove - Kindergarten - Grade 1
Print story paper.  Encourage children to draw a dove after viewing real dove images in the online activities. Then practice letter D and writing the word dove on the writing lines.

Option 3:  Alternative for Ages 4+ and older:  DLTK's Dove Craft
The above activities can also be conducted with a more challenging craft,  DLTK's Dove Craft.  Here you will find a wonderful song and finger play to go along with the craft and replace the word birds in the text with the word doves.

Art & Alphabet > Letter D is for Dove Activities:  
Make a letter D Dove presentation with the materials of your choice.

Bible activities for home, Sunday school and VBS:
Include dove activities and optionally present the coloring pages included below when discussing:
* Genesis 8  Noah and the Dove -  coloring page:   with text | no text
* Matthew 3: The Baptism of Jesus - coloring page:  with text | no text
* The Ascension of Jesus - in these activities a dove symbolizes Jesus ascent into heaven after the Resurrection.

Online jigsaw puzzle

Letter D Dove Printable Activities

Draw and Color a Dove
Practice Letter D

Dove hand puppet
Print the Dove coloring page
External link
Dove Craft
Dove Craft

Bible activities
coloring pages:
oah and the Dove 
with text
 | no text
The Baptism of Jesus
with text
 | no text

* one or two pieces of paper
* something to color with or view suggestions in the instructions for other art ideas.

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