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Dove Craft | Alphabet Letter D Theme | Valentine's Day
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities


Instructions and Suggestions


Alphabet > Letter D >
D is for Dove

Animals > Birds >
Dove (Pigeon)

Bible >  resources, coloring pages

Craft >
*Color and Decorate a *Dove
Dove Craft

Holidays and Events
*Jan. 5th > National Bird day
*Jan. > MLK Day

*Feb. 14th - Valentine's Day
* May 4th > Bird Day
*March or April > Easter
*Peace Education events

Seasons > Spring

Pigeon is the common name for a family of birds; smaller species are commonly known as doves. These birds are most abundant in warm regions and can be found in almost every region of the world.
Resource > Pigeon | Dove > facts and images at Wikipedia.org

Doves > Symbolism
Doves are a symbol of love and peace.
Resource > Doves as symbols at Wikipedia.org

Holidays and Events > St. Valentine's Day | Olympic Games and Peace Education:

Doves are and appropriate theme for various holidays that promote love and peace listed in the themes column.

Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Dove
Skill:  Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a dove image.  The default puzzle is 6 pieces.  Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Art & Alphabet > Letter D is for Dove Activities:  
Make a letter D Dove presentation with the materials of your choice.

Art Activity Option #1:  Ages 2-5 - Dove Puppet or Decoration

Decorate a dove coloring page (Ages 2+) and Practice Letter D is for Dove
*  Method 1:  Use watercolors, finger paints in any shade.  While the paint is still damp add a small pieces of white tissue paper,  scraps of construction paper.  
*  Method 2:  Print on card stock. Color or paint.  Paste a few craft feathers, a small button or plastic googly for an eye, and cut loosely around the image. Write letter D d is for Dove on the back:
    Three ideas after dove is decorated:
    1.  Paste the image over a blue piece of construction paper (the sky), paste a few cotton balls for clouds.
    2. Tape a piece of string or yarn to make a hanging ornament.
    3.  Take a craft stick to the back to make a puppet, children can pretend to make the dove fly.

Option #2
Draw a Dove and  practice writing letter D and the word dove - Kindergarten - Grade 1
Print story paper.  Encourage children to draw a dove after viewing real dove images in the online activities. Then practice letter D and writing the word dove on the writing lines.

Option #3:  Alternative for Ages 4+ and older:  DLTK's Dove Craft
The above activities can also be conducted with a more challenging craft,  DLTK's Dove Craft.  Here you will find a wonderful song and finger play to go along with the craft and replace the word birds in the text with the word doves.

Bible activities for home, Sunday school and VBS:
Include dove activities and optionally present the coloring pages included below when discussing:
* Genesis 8  Noah and the Dove -  coloring page:   with text | no text |  online coloring page
* Matthew 3: The Baptism of Jesus - coloring page:  with text | no text
The Ascension of Jesus - in these activities a dove symbolizes Jesus ascent into heaven after the Resurrection.
Resources:  Bible Alphabet - Standard block or D'Nealian, and activities

Letter D Dove Printable Activities

Draw and Color a Dove
Practice Letter D

Online jigsaw puzzle

Dove hand puppet
Print the Dove coloring page
External link
Dove Craft
Dove Craft

* one or two pieces of paper
* something to color with or view suggestions in the instructions for other art ideas.

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