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Turkey Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities


Instructions and Suggestions


Alphabet >
*Letter T > T is for Turkey

Animals >
Birds > Farm > Turkey

> Turkey

Holidays & Events >
*Jan. 5th > Nat'l Bird day
*April > Arbor Day
*May 4th > Bird Day

Plants > Tree Theme Why Leaves turn color in Fall

> Canada 

Online Jigsaw Puzzles
> Turkey & Autumn Leaves

Seasons > Autumn >  Why Leaves turn color in Fall

Ages 2.5 and older

Themes & Learning Activities for the Turkey:

1. Animal Facts: The Turkey - Online Activities
Learning some basic facts about the turkey:
*The American Turkey at Kidzone.ws 
*Turkey History and Trivia at the National Turkey Federation

2.  Holidays | Places & People:
**Thanksgiving in Canada:  First Monday in October**
Two of the turkey crafts features an important national symbol of Canada, the maple leaf.  Here is some basic information about Thanksgiving in Canada.  This is an opportunity to get children acquainted with Canada and its national symbols with this related activity.

**Thanksgiving - fourth Thursday in November**
Celebrate, learn and fun with activities for the entire family related to Thanksgiving in the United States:
*The First Thanksgiving at Scholastic:  This content resource provides information about the first Thanksgiving: a picture timeline, a virtual voyage on the Mayflower, life in Plymouth 1621, and a teacher's guide.

The turkey reminds us of historical events that have shaped the history of North America -- mainly USA and Canada  -- it unites all people to be THANKFUL for all the bounties and the harvest that the land has given and continues to give.    Idea:  Help children write thankful messages on the leaves templates or handprints.  Just print a word or two-- I am thankful for:  friends, food, family, pets, my country, my home, my teachers, my "child care provider's name," etc.

3. Plants | Seasons:  
Autumn Activity
:  The color templates of the leaves in the turkey crafts have colors ranging from yellow to a deep red, and purplish -- this is to demonstrate the seasonal changes that occur as trees welcome and prepare for the onset of autumn (colder climates), the leaves stop absorbing water and start losing their green color, the leaves "turn" yellow,  orange, and sometimes red and purple.  Finally the leaves turn brown, dries up and decomposes nourishing the earth.   Discuss and show real leaves that show these changes.  Of course, this is a very simplistic explanation for very young children.

Here is a detailed explanation of this process at KidZone.ws - Why Leaves Turn Colors in Fall, which is suitable to an older audience (6+ approx.), but still fun to explore and has great fun images. 

You may want to visit this related activity that has an online activity:  A Year in the Life of a Tree that richly illustrates these seasonal changes.

4. Alphabet Skills Alphabet

Letter T is for Turkey printable activities and worksheets
Note each turkey craft will feature additional options for alphabet activities.

5.  Turkey Maze > Pre-Writing  and problem solving skills
Have children first use their finger to move through the maze, then use a crayon or pencil.

5.  Online Jigsaw Puzzles:  Turkey and the Autumn Season
Skills:  Problem solving and using the computer mouse
Here are three 6-piece online puzzles.  To increase the number of pieces click on the Change Cut button.
*Turkey > bilingual: English and Spanish
*Autumnal Tree
*Autumn Red Leaf
Tree & Fallen Leaves

Turkey Crafts
Illustration only
Templates below

Alphabet Support Printable Activities
T is for Turkey

Turkey maze

Turkey coloring pages

Online jigsaw puzzle

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