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Fingerprint Ant's Go Marching Letter A
Anteater craft eating Ants

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This is Activity Day #2 of Letter A Impact Poster Lesson Plan

Animals > Insects & Bugs > Ants
C.P.Ant is going to take you on a fun tour to discuss facts about about ants and insects with this great interactive online presentation - Let's Talk about Insects.

Activity > Science > Insect body parts review  > Print this ant coloring page, label and identify the insects body parts discussed online.  Select red or black to color.

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The Ant and the Dove | The Ant and the Grasshopper

Print, read and discuss an Aesop's fable.  Explain what is a fable.  A fable is a story that teaches a lesson.  Most fables have animals as characters.  The Ants and the Grasshopper fable addresses two insects.  

Encourage children to draw and color an illustration of the story under the story text.

Activity > Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Ants and anthill 

  Problem solving skills. 
Bilingual:  English - Spanish

Have fun with an online puzzle of an ant that can be adapted from 6 pieces to 247.  The whole family can have a try.  Click on the Change Cut button to adjust number and shape of pieces.  

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