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*Jan. or Feb.Chinese New Year
*June > Zoo and Aquarium Month
*Oct. 21st > Reptile Appreciation Day
*December 27th > Visit the Zoo Day

Online jigsaw puzzles

Let's learn and have fun with another very interesting animal:  the snake.  What a better way to learn than to observe and to listen to them! Are you ready?  Let's go!

Review printable activities available and make a display and practice alphabet letter S.

Activity > Learning About Snakes
1.  A snake is a reptile.   What are reptiles
A reptile is a cold-blooded animal with a skeleton inside its body and dry scales or hard plates on its skin.  Most reptiles lay eggs with soft, leathery shells.  Some kinds of reptiles live in water, but use their noses to breathe air into their lungs.  Lizards, turtles, snakes, and crocodiles are kinds of reptiles.  Most reptiles have short legs, but snakes creep on the ground without legs.

2.  A snake is a long, narrow reptile that has scales but no legs.  Some snakes catch food by paralyzing their prey with poison.  Constrictor snakes squeeze their prey to death.  Other snakes and most lizards sneak into nests to eat eggs, or camouflage themselves to they can catch passing insects or other small animals.

3.  Print and read the Letter S Snake poster or mini-book or coloring format in the links provided in the materials column.   This can later be assembled to make a small letter S Snake mini-book.

4.  Holidays > Chinese New Year > The snake is one of the twelve animals represented in the Chinese Zodiac.

Activity > Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Snake
Skills:  Problem solving, bilingual resources English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a fun snake image.  The default puzzle is 6 pieces.  Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Activity >
  Alphabet Letter S Snake Printable Materials and Lesson Plan
Visit these lesson plan to present the letter S for different age levels.

Activity >  Bible
Please explain to the children that another word for snake is serpent.
Genesis 3:  The serpent in the garden of Eden
Exodus 4:1-17: Moses signs > God turns Moses staff into a snake.

  Snake Crafts
Visit the snake theme for craft ideas.

*Something to color
*masking tape or regular tape

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