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Giraffe Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities




> Letter G > G is for Giraffe

Animals > Mammals >  Giraffe

Crafts >  printable giraffe crafts

Online Story time > Animals

Holidays and Events >
*June > Zoo and Aquarium Month
*December 27th > Visit the Zoo Day

These are series of activities to present the giraffe.

Animals > Mammals > Africa > Giraffe >

The giraffe is a mammal with a very long neck, long legs, and hooves.  Giraffes have short horns covered with fur.  They live in Africa and eat the tops of tress. They are the tallest animal that lives on land.

Giraffe online resources @:
* National Geographic Kids
* Wikipedia.org

Online Story time > Georgina the Giraffe @ BBC CBeebies
An adorable short and interactive story about a giraffe that gets in a bit of trouble.

Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Giraffe
Skill:  Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish

Children will enjoy this fun giraffe image.  The default puzzle is 6 pieces.  Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Alphabet > Letter G Giraffe printable activities and lesson plan 
Introduce or reinforce letter recognition and early handwriting skills.

Craft activities > Printable Giraffe Crafts
  • Simple hand puppets > print you selection of giraffe coloring page image 1, 2 Color, cut out and tape a craft stick, unsharpened pencil or drinking straw for a hand puppet.
  • Giraffe theme crafts at DLTK's crafts 1 (paper tube), 2 (paper bag), 3 (paper mache pencil holder)
  • Stand up giraffes 1 and 2 at Canon (PDF file color only)

Letter G Giraffe
Printable Activities

Online jigsaw puzzle

Giraffe coloring pages for hand puppets

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printable crafts in the activities plan

*glue stick *something to color or paint with

To view updates to these activities visit: http://www.first-school.ws/activities/animals/wild/giraffe.htm
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