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Tyrone the Horrible Dinosaur Theme Online Picture Book
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and T-Rex Crafts




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Tyrone the Horrible
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Tyrone the Horrible Picture Book Children and adults will love this book, Tyrone the Horrible by author and illustrator Hans Wilhelm.
This book is available to read online at the International Children's Digital Library in several languages, and a Java Plugin is required.

This book is part of an exhibition "Clearing the Hurdle," at this digital library.  This exhibition highlights books that help children to deal with obstacles in many forms, and how to triumph over the problems they encounter with integrity. 

Book description:
"Tyrone the Horrible is a large, toothy dinosaur who plays pranks and bullies small Boland. He takes Boland’s sandwich everyday and beats up Boland. Boland tries to befriend Tyrone, but it does not work. Rather than submitting to Tyrone bullying, Boland keeps his integrity and comes up with a creative idea to deal with Tyrone."

Activity >  Alphabet Activities >

Alphabet Letter D is for Dinosaur

Visit this lesson plan and printable activities to present letter D.

Alphabet Letter T is for Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tyrone > Visit the A to Z Dinosaurs and select the Letter T printable materials.

Activity > Printable Crafts > T-Rex Dinosaur
View the external links in the materials column for two printable crafts.

Letter D Dinosaur printable activities
or select
Letter T Tyrannosaurus Rex & Triceratops

Dinosaurs coloring pages

External Links
Printable Crafts

DLTK's Dinosaur T-Rex TP Roll Craft
T-Rex Tube Craft
Ages 3+ and up

T-Rex Paper Model Craft at Download-a-Dinosaur
T-Rex paper model
Ages 6+ and up

Visit the Dinosaur theme for additional activities and crafts

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