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* Jan. 5th > National Bird day
* Jan. or Feb. > Chinese New Year
*March or April > Easter   
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National Chicken Month
*Oct. 2nd > World Farm Animals Day

Seasons > Spring

Ages 2.5 and older

Activity 1:  Chicken, Hen or Rooster Craft - Ovals (Egg Shape) and Handprints
Here is a very simple craft to help introduce the chicken, hen (female chicken) or rooster (male chicken).  The templates in the craft (except the handprints) are an EGG shape, make sure to discuss birds > chicken hatch from eggs.

The chicken or rooster craft templates can be assembled in various ways, and the process can be made more challenging and creative depending on the ages of the children.

The is suitable to enhance related themes, holidays and events listed in the themes column and children's literature.

The oval or egg shape template can be replaced with a CD/DVD size circle or adapt to bigger hands ages 6+ with a small standard 6" inch paper place.

The crest (red-handprint) and neck feathers are created with 3 cut-outs, colored-in or painted handprints.

Printing Options for the Chicken / Rooster Craft:

Prepare ahead of time:
*  Trace and help to cut out three handprints for each child:  one red, two white or other color.  Children ages 6+ and older should be encouraged to do most of the craft with very little assistance, read suggestions for this age group below.

  Option 1: 
Print color templates, trace, and cut out handprints.  Proceed to assembly instructions below.

  Option 2:  Print black & white templates, color templates, trace and cut out handprints.
Proceed to assembly instructions below.

  Option 3:  Print black and white templates.  Trace templates over construction paper, color foam sheets or other left over materials you may want to recycle.

  Option 4:  Older children - First Grade - grade 1 ages 6+ and over.
No printable templates necessary.

Step 1:  Crest and neck "feathers" 
- Distribute one half red sheet of construction paper for the crest.  Instruct children to trace one hand, and cut-out.
- Distribute one sheet of paper / construction paper folded in half.  Instruct children to trace one hand to obtain two handprints for neck area.
Step 2:  Children will color and cut out the beak ovals and eyes.
Step 3:  Children will assemble the craft independently with minimum assistance following the suggested assembly method below.

Assembly instructions suggested:
*At this point all materials should be decorated/colored and ready for assembly.

Have children look at the small image of the rooster craft in their template page or show a finished craft to large groups.

Shapes and colors >  Make sure to discuss and identify shapes (ovals) and colors during the assembly process.  Refer to pieces by shape and color.

1.  Demonstrate how to position each handprint over the head and under the head to create feathers for the neck.

2.  Help children to trace a line with a pencil along the edge of the handprint to mark the position of the handprints.   Children will remove the handprints, place glue below or above the lined marked and reposition and paste the handprints.

3. Beak, eyes and waddle: 
Children can first position and mark the position of the eyes, beak and waddle. Apply glue and paste.

Activity 2:  Alphabet Lesson Plan Activities
Review materials in the materials column for Digraph Ch, letter H and R.

Activity 3:  Learn about Birds > Chicken
Visit this lesson plan for information and resources to present the basics about chickens: eggs, hatching and more.

Activity 4:  Books and literacy
Include a book or online story in the chicken theme.

Activity 5:  Online Jigsaw Puzzles: 
Rooster | Chicken | Chicks 

Visit these six-piece online jigsaw puzzles to develop the skill of problem solving.  Change/increase number of pieces clicking on the SHAPES button on the left.

Chicken | Hen | Rooster

Rooster Craft, Chicken Craft

Illustration only  
templates below

Craft Templates
Color Version

Black & White

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* glue stick
* scissor
* paper or construction paper
*May substitute large circle template with 6" inch small paper plate

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