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> Letter P > P is for Pig

Animals > Farm > Pig

Fairy Tales > Coloring pages > Online Story time > The Three Little Pigs

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*Jan or Feb > Chinese New Year
*March 1st > Nat'l Pig Day
*Oct. 2nd > World Farm Animals

Nutrition > Food group > Protein food > Pork

These are series of activities to present the pig, a farm animal.

Animals > Farm > Pig > Online pig facts, images and resources:
The pig is an animal with a wide, flat nose, four short legs, a thick body, and a short, curly tail.  Pigs are mammals with hooves.  Wild pigs often have tusks.  Domestic pigs are raised for their meat, which is called  pork.  Adult pigs are also called hogs.

Holidays > Multicultural >
Chinese New Year > The pig (or wild boar in Japan) is one of the twelve animals represented in the Chinese zodiac.

Nutrition > Food Group > Protein Food >
Learn about pigs, their meat, pork and nutrition at pork4kids.com

Online Story time > Fairy Tales > The Three Little Pigs

Read and share this classic Danish fairy tale.  Here are two online versions

Version 1:  Three Little Pigs at Gullah Tales in English and Gullah language.  Narrated with audio.

Version 2:  The Three Little Pigs an easy reading book and illustrated version of the traditional story.

Review materials for story in the materials column.    

Alphabet activities > Letter P Pig lesson plan and printable activities 
Introduce or reinforce letter recognition and early handwriting skills.

Activities & crafts
for the fairy tale:

Pig theme

Wolf theme

Coloring pages
for fairy tale:

The Three Little Pigs

The wolf chases the pig

Letter P Pig
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