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Activity 1 and 2: Online Presentations and Resources about Insects>
Caterpillar to Butterfly growth stages coloring book

letter b butterfly printable activitiesActivity 3:  Alphabet > B is for Butterfly 
This is a great opportunity to introduce or practice letter B is for butterfly.

Activity 4:  Butterfly Craft Ideas
> Butterfly crafty ideas:

Crafty idea #1:
Print this simple butterfly template on card stock or construction paper.
Hand held Mask idea:  Turn this template into a simple mask and attach a craft stick or unsharpened pencil to hold it.  Position in front of children face and mark to make eye openings. This is the time to use any left over materials such as scraps of construction paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, aluminum foil, buttons, pom poms, sequins, dried flowers (petals), potpourri, etc.  Children will decorate and paste these materials on the butterfly template.  Children can also decorate with paint, crayons markers, dot markers or ink pad thumbprints.

Crafty idea 2: Butterfly Flyer Kite:
Easiest Kite:  A simple paper fold kite
This small kite is ready in a couple of minutes after gathering a couple of materials.

Materials:  1
sheet of standard copier paper (any color), ruler, thread, stapler, hole punch, scotch tape, pencil

Print a butterfly coloring page image on the standard piece of paper (any color) or encourage the children to make an original drawing of a butterfly.  After children have colored the image follow the simple instructions to make easy small kite.

Drawing and Writing:
Why not brainstorm a little with the children and write individual or a classroom poem with a butterfly or caterpillar theme, and/or practice writing letter B or C.  Print drawing and writing paper or lined- writing paper to save and preserve the poem.

Butterfly theme crafts at sister site DLTK Crafts for Kids (external links)
Select a butterfly theme craft that is age appropriate and that fits your curriculum and group size.  Many of the crafts are printable in color or coloring format.

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