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A caterpillar is the larvae, or middle life stage, of a butterfly or moth.  Butterflies and moths are one of the most beautiful creatures in nature.  Present the caterpillar activities in conjunction with the butterfly theme.

The activities below can be spread over a few of days with a day break in between so children are not bored.  To help you make a "small learning center" and make the presentation more exciting there are a number educational printable materials that can be displayed and used and descriptions and the links are in materials columns.

Activity 1 and 2: Caterpillar to Butterfly
Online picture book: See How I grow -- Butterfly, and presentations about insects > caterpillar to butterfly growth stages. 

Activity 3:  Alphabet > C is for Caterpillar Printable Activities
This is a great opportunity to introduce or practice letter C (caterpillar).

Activity 4:  Caterpillar Crafts
Option 1 >
Caterpillar, Letter C, Colors and Circles
Option 2 > Caterpillar, Letter C, Colors, Numbers and Circles
This is an easy activity to reinforce letter C, nine colors, the circle shape and numbers 1 to 9.

1.  Have children first trace the dotted letter C surrounding the caterpillar.
2.  Select your choice of color or black and white circles with or without numbers.
3.  Have the children identify colors if using the color template.
4.  Black & white circle template - assign and fill small circles with color (markers or crayons).  Make sure children have this colors in front of them.
4.  Have the children cut out and paste circles in number order.  Encourage children to count the circles to arrive at the right answer in identifying the number.

Activity 5 > Eric Carle's Book > The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Skills > Handwriting > Learning Days of the Week Worksheets
After reading the book present the complimentary worksheets to learn and trace the days of the week.

Activity 6 > Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Caterpillar
Skills:  Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a grasshopper image.  The default puzzle is 6 pieces.  Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Related activities > Butterfly activities and crafts

letter c caterpillar printable activities
Letter C Caterpillar Printable Activities

Butterfly Growth Stages Coloring Book:
*Caterpillar 1, 2
*Butterfly coloring pages


Caterpillar Colors Craft
Letter C Caterpillar, Colors and Circles Craft
Visit the link and print your selection of templates

Visit here to print the Caterpillar Numbers Craft templates

Letter C Caterpillar, Colors, Numbers and Circles Craft
Visit the link and print your selection of templates
the very hungry caterpillar days of the week worksheets
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Days of the Week Worksheets
Available in Standard block and D'Nealian forma
caterpillar online jigsaw puzzle
Caterpillar online Jigsaw Puzzle