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*Make a paper Starfish

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June 8 > World Oceans Day
June > Zoo and Aquarium Month

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Visit the starfish theme lesson plan activities for animal facts, online learning resources, crafts and other activities to incorporate with this art and craft activity.

Activity >  Making a Paper Starfish
Materials:  Starfish template, 1 tablespoon birdseed or oatmeal, glue and brush Optional: scissors to cut out star to make a decoration.

Give the children the starfish template.
1.   Skills > Shape and Numbers/Counting:
Have the children count out loud with you the number of arms on the starfish.  Point to the fact that it is called a starfish o sea star because it is shaped like a star.   

2.  Instruct the children to smear the glue all over the starfish and then sprinkle birdseed or oatmeal on top of the glue.

3.  When the children have finished applying the birdseed, pick up each starfish and pour off the excess seeds back into a container.

4.  Sensory:  When the starfish is dry, it will feel bumpy just like a real starfish.  These can be displayed on a wall or table for the children to enjoy.

Activity > Craft 2:  Making a Star or Starfish Necklace or Medallion
Materials:  Star Necklace Template,  light colored construction paper or white paper, yarn (24 inches per child), glue and scissors.  Materials to decorate star:  one or a combination of:  glitter glue, sequins, bird seed, and dried pasta to insert on yarn.

Note:  There are two templates to choose from in the materials column.  One has one template for a single necklace, the other template has two templates to print two -- this is to save on paper for printing for large groups.

1.  Print the template on construction paper in a light color:  yellow, aqua, sea foam, coral, pink, etc. or print in white card stock and the children can color the star first.

2.  Give the children the starfish template cut and ready to decorate or give older children the template to practice scissor cutting skills.  Tell them they are going to make a necklace to remember the starfish.

3.  Point to children the starfish they are making has five arms and count together and is called a starfish or sea star because it is generally shaped like a star.

4.  Depending on the ages of the children you can give different instructions to decorate to make the craft more challenging.

**Younger children:  Have them color the star then spread diluted glue over the star shape, add seed or sequins (about 1/2 teaspoon per child).
**Older children:  Color the star.  Using the glue tip applicator they can trace glitter glue or glue around the edge of the star first, and  decorate and add designs in the center.

5.  When the star is dry, fold in half on the center line over the yarn, and glue together.  You can stop here and make a slipknot to help ensure that a child can safely remove their necklace.  Idea:  Provide pasta so children can insert 8 pieces through the yarn on each side of the star and then make a knot.

Activity > Alphabet Letter S is for Starfish

For this activity:

Starfish Template

1 tablespoon birdseed or oatmeal, glue and brush

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