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S is for Snake

Reptiles > Snake [Serpent]

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Shapes > Snakes Oval Craft

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Jan. or FebChinese New Year
Feb 1st > Serpent Day
Oct. 21st > Reptile Appreciation Day

Review printable activities available and make a display.

Activity >  Learning About Snakes > Activities to learn, observe and hear snakes.

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  Alphabet Letter S Snake Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Visit this lesson plan to present letter S for different age levels.

Now let's have some fun with an easy snake craft and the letter Ss.

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  Snake Ovals Craft
This is a very easy cut and paste craft for young children or it can be made more challenging for older children.

The snake is composed with ovals to form a letter S, and the ovals also showcase letter S.

Cut and Paste Method:

  1. Print the positioning template and your choice in color or coloring format snake ovals template with letter S or plain. The positioning template can be printed directly on a brown or tan color paper, and the ovals to green paper, then color in the letter S with red.
  2. Skills > Color recognition, counting and oval shape:
    Identify the oval shapes in the template. Most snakes hatch from soft shelled eggs. Count the ovals needed to complete the craft. Adult can print numbers to the positioning template and numbers to the oval pieces to match in number order.  Identify that the ovals are green.
  3. Color the template if applicable. Cut out the ovals and head.
  4. Skill > Letter S recognition > Point out to the children that the letter S is in each oval. Letter S is the beginning sound for the word snake or serpent.
  5. Skill > Hand and eye coordination > Paste the ovals to positioning template with glue stick.  Point out that the finished snake forms a letter S.

    Idea:  Print positioning template to a brown or tan paper for a natural background setting.  Add foliage pieces after the snake has been completed using green construction paper or collected dry leaves.

Free Style Method:

  • Print the ovals template of your choice. Paint, color and decorate.
  • Provide a piece of brown or tan construction paper.
  • Children will paste the ovals to create their own unique snake picture.
  • Provide green construction paper to cut out foliage or paste collected dray leaves.

Snake Ovals Craft
Letter S

Templates with letter S
*Positioning template
*Color ovals
*Ovals coloring format

Templates Plain
*Positioning template
*Color ovals
*Ovals coloring format

Letter S Snake lesson plan printable activities

*something to color with
*construction paper
*glue stick

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