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Rattle Snake Tube Shaker Craft

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  Alphabet Letter S Snake Printable Materials and Lesson Plan
Visit these lesson plan to present the letter S for different age levels.

Now let's have some fun with an easy snake craft and the letter Ss.

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 Snake Craft
Rattle Snake Paper Tube Craft Shaker and the letter Ss: (children 3+ with assistance and older)

a)  Use a toilet paper tube (for a small snake) or a paper towel tube (for a large snake)

b)  Print this template and follow the directions to create the shaker - Steps one through 5.

c)  Cut a piece of any color of construction paper that will cover the tube, but don't tape or glue yet.

d)  Demonstrate to the child how to write the letter Ss on the construction paper you will use to cover the tube.  Tell child the letter S looks like a snake.  Write the letter S with dots and the child can try to connect them.  Do 4 or 5 S's on the construction paper for practice.  Children can also practice later on the handwriting worksheets.

e)  Child can now decorate the construction paper piece with crayons, markers or glue pieces of cut up paper, etc., then glue or tape to the tube.

f)  Cut out two eyes or wiggly eyes, a  2 inch tongue and tail out of construction paper and glue unto the tube ends.  It's done, now shake your rattle snake!

Snake Shaker Craft
*Print this template to make covers for paper tube ends.

*Something to color with: crayons, etc.

*construction paper



*masking tape or regular tape

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