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St. Patrick's Day or Ireland Theme Teddy or Bear Craft 

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During these activities children can learn some basic facts about:  (choose those you would like to include in the activities)

1.  St. Patrick's Day - National Holiday in Ireland and/or a multicultural theme.
This particular teddy bear craft is dressed up for St. Patrick's Day and features Ireland's national flag.  March is also Irish-American Heritage Month, so a "marriage" of the teddy bear and St. Patrick's Day activities feels appropriate to celebrate this event.
2.  Learn about the origins of the Teddy Bear
3.  Learn basic facts about real bears - science
4.  Alphabet activities for letter B is for Bear or T is for Teddy Bear
5.  Shapes, colors and number/pre-math activities during the craft assembly  

St. Patrick's Day Basic Information:
St. Patrick's Day honors the saint who spread the Christian faith in Ireland in the fourth century.  Legend has it that he used the green shamrock with its three leaves to explain the Trinity -- the idea that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one.  Today, people of Irish heritage celebrate this day with parades and "wearing green." 
More details about St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and the holiday here.

Teddy Bear Background:

Visit the link above for brief story of the teddy bear, an American treasure (and loved the world over), named after the 26th U.S. President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt.

A teddy bear theme is welcomed for almost every type of holiday or special occasions throughout the year.  One of the special qualities of teddy bears is that they provide comfort to young and young at heart.

Other alphabet printable materials are provided in the materials column as well as links to related activities.

Activity #1:  St. Patrick's Day - Irish Teddy Bear Craft ( 9 pieces) Ages 2+  

NOTE:  The body template can be glued to a CD.

Prepare an introduction for the theme, holiday or event and what will be presented before starting the craft activities:  such as a brief introduction to St. Patrick's Day, basic facts about Ireland, etc.  Make craft ahead of time, attach to a craft stick and use as a puppet to help to make the presentation fun for the children.

Review printing and assembly options that best meet your needs.  Before assembly conduct some of the learning activities suggested below:

Printing and assembly options for Bear or Teddy Craft
Option 1:  Print color template, cut out, conduct your choice of learning activities below and assemble.
Option 2:  Print black & white template.  Children can color, paint or decorate first,  cut out and proceed as above.

Other decorations and ideas:
1.  The body circle template can be glued to a CD.
2.  Tape a ribbon or string to back of head to use as decoration or holiday ornament.
3.  Replace eye template with wiggly eyes and/or glue pom pom for the nose.
4.  Tape the craft to a craft stick (Popsicle stick).
5. Glue to a folded paper or /card stock for an instant greeting card.
6.  Write a greeting message or add a picture to the back or small picture in the bears paws.
7.  Glue the craft to a standard small shopping bag or white lunch paper bag and add a handle made with construction paper (double or triple folded), for an instant party bag.

Learning Activities to conduct before Bear Head Craft assembly:
Choose from the activities below you feel are are appropriate for the children.

Shapes & Color Activity:

1.  Identify the main shapes for all pieces: circles, ovals, [arms have a close resemblance to the crescent shape, if you prefer  keep separate for this activity to avoid confusion).   Discuss the colors, on the template (light browns, green, orange) or the colors chosen by the children to color the pieces.  Some children like to discuss the colors as they choose them while coloring or painting the templates.

Numbers/Pre-Math Activities:
To conduct these activities pieces should be decorated and cut out.

1. Sorting/Sizing/Categorizing:  Have the children sort those templates that have specific shapes by size.  Have the children arrange the sorted shapes in piles from smallest to largest.

2. Counting:  Count how many shapes are in each pile/size (include counting the eyes printed on the face circle).  You may want to write the numbers as you count on the blank side of the template to acquaint the children with printed numbers.

Proceed with craft assembly.  Show the small image of the finished craft featured in the template to help the children see how the finished craft looks and to aid them in positioning the pieces.

Assembly procedure suggestions:
1. Assemble head pieces - ears to head (in front or behind the template and hat
1. Body Circle (glue to CD if desired)
2. Feet & arms
3. Glue head over white area of leaves collar
4.  Ireland flag on white "shirt" area.

After completing the craft the children can hold their finished craft while conducting some of the activities below.

Alphabet lesson plan rintable activities:
Visit the link to include alphabet activities.
* Letter B is for Bear
* Letter T is for Teddy bear

Learn about Bears: 
1. Animal facts activity Alphabet Letter B Bear flash card or mini-book activity
2. Online educational resources

Online Jigsaw Puzzle:  Ireland's National Flag
Easy six piece puzzle.  Click on change cut button to change shape and amount of pieces.


 St. Patrick's Day 
Irish Teddy Bear  Craft (Small)

Body can be glued to a CD

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St. Patrick's Day Irish Teddy Bear Craft

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