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This easy craft can be adapted for activities related to members of the deer family (Cervids):   the caribou (North American reindeer) or reindeerAmerican elk | wapiti, or moose | European reindeer.

Note:  The reindeer activities and craft can be tied to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas story activities

Christmas accessories (candy cane and message card) can be added to all animal options.

Select a theme to introduce one of the animals -- forest animals, the arctic or Canadian Wildlife for a Canada Day theme for example.

Decide on a sequence that best meets your needs:

Science/Social Studies:
Activity #1:  Learn about the  Deer Family (Cervids):  Caribou (North American Reindeer), American Elk | Wapiti, Moose, Reindeer

Prepare an interesting display with your choice deer family images, refer to the coloring pages in the materials column -- there is a color image for introducing R is for Reindeer Activities.  Idea:  Print the coloring pages directly on tan, brown color paper, cut-out and make a simple mural with cotton ball snow.

Below are resources to explore the deer family (cervids), many of the links include images and sounds.

Review the printable coloring pages in the materials column to make a book about the deer family.

1.  Deer information, images
Types of Deer:
a.   Caribou | Reindeer (American Reindeer) at , Caribou at Arctic Animals - ThinkQuest Jr.
b.  Moose (the largest type of deer primarily in Canada) or European Elk
c.  American Elk or Wapiti at

Activity #2:  Alphabet Printable Activities
Review alphabet options in the materials column.

Option 1:  Print color template for the generic deer family,  cut out, conduct learning activities of your choice below and assemble.  Discuss colors on the template or those chosen by the children to decorate the reindeer craft.
Option 2:  Print black & white template #1 for any of the animal options.  Children can color, paint or decorate first,  cut out and proceed as above.
Optional:  Color-by-Number or Letter - Add numbers or letters to the templates for a color and add a small chart on the bottom of the page with a sample of the color and number so children can match and color the pieces.

Option 3:  For Large Groups 6 or more
Print your choice or color or black and white template #1.  Print templates for accessories (candy canes-6 in one page) and (message card-6) in your choice - color or black & white

Craft Assembly (after pieces are decorated and cut out)
Show the small image of the finished craft briefly (featured in the template) to help the children see how the finished craft looks and to aid them in positioning the pieces.

2.  Glue antlers behind or front of head (whichever is easier for the children)

3.  Glue tongue

4.  Glue  "cheeks" on top of tongue allowing some of the tongue template to show, and glue nose  on "cheeks."

4.  Optional:  glue candy cane and message card on antlers.  Write a short holiday message or the name of children to identify each craft.

Other decorating ideas:

1.  Tape the craft to a craft stick (Popsicle stick) to make a hand puppet.

2.  Add a looped ribbon or piece of yarn to hang as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

3.  Use the craft to decorate plain gift bags, or as a large gift tag for a large gift.

4.  Glue a small picture on the message card.

Learning Activities:    
Simon Says Game with Questions:  
Review possible discussion questions for a particular animal you choose to discuss below -- the answers can be obtained from the resources above.

Write your choice of questions on cards.  Make sure all are discussed and answered first.  Then play a Simon says game variation.  Pull a question card from a bag or basket.  Have the children line up and place a covered surprise (cupcakes, cookies, see below a recipes).  Place the surprise six to eight steps away -- this would be snack time when game is completed.  Pull a question from the basket and read.  Allow the children to discuss among themselves what they will answer as group.  One leader gives the right answer.  When answered correctly the children can move forward one step.  Continue until all are answered - limit to about 4 to 6 questions.    Ideas:  Snack time could be at this point, surprise the children with Reindeer Treat Cup Cakes (or call them any name of animal that is discussed) recipe below.

1.  What type of animal is a ____________?  
2.  What does the _________ eat?
3.  Where and in what type of climate/environment does the ________ live?
4.  If focusing on the reindeer.  What is a reindeer called in North America?
5.  What is the correct name for the ______ "horns"?  Antlers.
6.  Do both male and female __________ have antlers and what do they use them for?
7.  Most of these animals shed and grow back their antlers, which doesn't.

Deer Theme Treat Cup Cakes
1.  Prepare your favorite cup cake recipe
2.  Prepare or buy frosting/ icing and color it brown with food coloring
1.  Antlers:  break pretzels in half for two antlers and insert on either side of the cup cake
2.  Nose: Half a maraschino cherry
3.  Eyes: Small Hershey kisses or other small candy (M&M's) for eyes.

Craft Deer Family:
Caribou | Reindeer, Elk | Wapiti, Moose

Preschool Printable Craft - Caribou, Deer, Elk, Moose, Reindeer or Wapiti
Candy Cane & Holiday Message Card
 templates below

or visit:
Rudolph the Red Nosed

Craft templates:
*Black & white

Optional Accessories
1 Candy cane & card
*black & white

Accessories For Large Groups:

Color Templates
*6 Candy Canes
*6 message cards

Black & White Templates
*6 Candy Canes
*6 message cards

*Deer Family (Cervids) coloring pages

*Santa Claus, Elves & Reindeers Coloring Pages

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