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Suggested themes for still life painting:
FlowersFruit, and Vegetables,

Ages 3 to 6:

We are going to introduce our children to another topic in art:  a still life.

A still life is a picture of inanimate objects, such as fruit, food, flowers, dishes, books, or musical instruments, usually grouped on a flat surface. The subject matter of a still life's is rarely important for its own sake; rather, it most often serves as a showcase for the painter's compositional skill and ability to render detail and texture.

Activity #1-What is a still life? An explanation for young children:
I much rather like the simpler explanation for children used here by Harcourt Brace Publishers:   "A still life shows things that people like to see or use."  With that in mind, let's have fun with this art experience.  

Activity #2:  Still Life Online Puzzles
For 3+ to 6 with assistance:
1.  in this activity children will try to put four piece puzzles together that reveal a famous still life painting.  First get acquainted with the different puzzles to explain to children how the puzzles can be put together.

2.  There are three different categories to choose from.  Parents or caregivers may need to guide and help in the process.  What is important is to have have fun as the image unfolds and discuss what is on the image.  The third puzzle in each category will be the easiest to assemble since all other pieces have been isolated.

3.  Make sure to read the title and the name of the painter for each still life image that is revealed in the puzzles.

Activity #3:  I Can Make A Still Life

1.  in this activity children will pick three favorite objects:  toy stuffed animals, dolls, etc.  Ask them to place them in a table in a grouping any way they like.  These should be right in front of where they can see them to draw or paint.

2.  Set a paper, or easel pad paper with crayons, paints, markers etc. in front of where toy grouping is,  and tell the children to try to paint/draw the grouping of their favorite things to make a still life picture.

3.  Many children will love to discuss and talk about their picture either as they work on it or after they are done.  It is a wonderful opportunity to talk about the objects, the colors, etc.  Always refer to the picture as a still life.  After the child is done ask him or her to give a name to their still life.  Write the name on the artwork. 

4.  Place the still life picture in a place of honor.

5.  For a smaller still life picture use the drawing and writing paper.  Children can practice printing the first letter of the theme of their still life.

The following themes to present this art composition: flowersfruit, and vegetables,

*white paper or easel paper

*For a small still life picture

Drawing and writing paper

*materials to color or paint with

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