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Police Officer Crafts:  Hat and Badge
Community Helper: The Police Officer Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities


Instructions and Suggestions


Alphabet > Letter P
P is for Police Officer


The Police

*Police Officer Headband Hat & Badge

*Suggestions for making a police officer vest.

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Holidays and Events >
May - third week > Police Week
June > National
Safety Month
October > Crime Prevention Week

Safety > Crime Prevention

Activity #1:  Resources for Learning about the role of the Police Officer and Crime Prevention  

Activity #2:    Crafts:  Police Officer Hat and Badge

Let's Make a Police Officer Hat and Badge to Honor the Police Officer an Important Community Helper  -  Discuss the Letter P is for Police Officer

To pay tribute to the police officer and their dedication to serve and protect the community, the children will assemble a simple police officer hat and wear a badge.   Children love to dress up and do dramatic play, and this will be a welcomed and fun activity.  

Instructions for the Police Officer Head band hat and badge:
1.  Select your choice of color or black and white template for the hat and badge.  I would recommend the black and white templates because these can be colored to match the uniform colors of the police officers in your community.  Older children may be able to help cut the large hat template.

2.  Ahead of time, cut a band about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide and 22 inches long approx.  from construction paper or card stock.  Once you print the template there is enough paper left over on the right side to cut three strips/bands and then tape together to form the long band as illustrated in the template.

3.  The hat and badge will be assembled during the alphabet P presentation below.   Optional: Add a police vest made with a large paper grocery bag and glue the finished badge to it.

Other great Police Officer related crafts at DLTK's:
1.  Police Officer TP Roll Craft:   Young children love puppets and this craft can be used as teacher aid to present the activities.  Make one ahead of time.  Tell the children they will make their own police officer.
A paper tube is not needed to make it, simply fold the body piece in half, glue and have the children  glue the other body parts, attach a craft stick to hold as a puppet.   

2.  Blue Paper Craft with Police Officer Hat:  If the children love Blue from the Blue's Clues preschool TV program, then this is the winner and is easy for children 2+ and older.

3. Make a simple police vest using a large paper grocery bag.  With the bag opened, make a large round opening on the bottom for the head and cut the bag open along the front.  Make round holes on the sides for arm holes.  Close and lay the bag flat and children can paint the front using tempera paint and using a sponge.  Cut a  long strip of black construction paper to form a belt - just for the front where is painted, and glue on bag when the paint is dry.  Attach the badge and the vest is ready to wear.

Activity #3:  Letter P is for Police Officer Lesson Plan Activities and Printable Materials

Indicate the letter P is in the hat as well as in the badge.  


Police Officer Hat and Badge Crafts

illustration only templates below
Police Hat & Badge
*color template
*b/w template

Crafts at DLTK's:
*Police Officer TP Roll Craft

*Blue Paper Craft with Police Officer Hat

Activity 3:
Alphabet Letter P is for Police


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