Acorn Theme Autumn Season Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Activity 1:  Preparation and Introduction

Lesson plan and suggestions Themed Activities

This is the introduction for a set of learning activities to present various concepts for an acorn or nut theme for the autumn season, a trees theme..

Review the activities in the themes column, and print your choice of lesson materials.

Preparation and introduction:
1. Print and assemble one acorn craft in activity 3 ahead of time to use as a puppet for the introduction and presentation of the theme.

2.  Prepare a display with the alphabet and acorn theme coloring pages in activity 4.

3.  Teachers:  Plan for a classroom bulletin board idea that incorporates the acorn craft:
Titled:  Great oaks from little acorns grow in Ms. (Teacher's name) class

4. Have a sampling of different edible nuts:  acorns, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, and a nutcracker.  The nuts can be tasted and used as counting manipulatives with the number worksheets in activity number 6Important:  consider food allergies.  Use nuts only with children over 3 years of age to avoid shocking hazard.

Below is a suggestion for a presentation.  Adapt and revise the content for your children.  Use the craft and attach to a craft stick or to an old sock with a piece of Velcro to use as a puppet.  The acorn puppet can help "present" some of the information and interact with the children.

Here is additional information and images about the acorn and oak tree at, the Free Encyclopedia.

Introduction and presentation:

We are going to have fun with a special nut, the acorn!  

Here is Acorn (show the acorn craft puppet)  "Hello!  I am Acorn, a nut, and also the fruit and seed of the oak tree. When the acorn is planted in the soil it grows into an oak tree. An oak tree is a big, beautiful and strong tree. Have you seen an oak tree?  

In the autumn, the leaves of some oaks "turn colors" and fall to the ground (point to the oak leaf on the craft). When the leaves fall it means the tree is getting ready for winter, and in spring it grows back new green leaves and more acorns.

We can eat certain types of nuts. Nuts are in the meat group of the food pyramid (PDF document), and we should eat about two servings a day. Other types of nuts are walnuts, chestnuts and almonds. Later we will see and taste some of these nuts. Many animals eat acorns to grow strong too!  What animals do you think eat acorns? Squirrels, hogs, grouse, wild turkey, woodpeckers and deer.

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Activity 1:
Preparation and introduction

Activity 2:
Language > Proverbs > Great oaks from little acorns grow
and bulletin board idea

Activity 3: 
Craft > Printable Acorn or Nut 

Activity 4:
Alphabet Letter A > A is for Acorn or N is for Nut

Activity 5:

Science and Social Studies >  Plants, Trees, Nutrition

Activity 6:
Numbers >
Counting Autumn Acorns

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