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The craft for this activity is a printable jack-o'-lantern mini-windsock. The main skills to practice with the craft are:

* Following a set of instructions or steps
* Scissor cutting skills.
* Recognizing different lines:  solid, dashed and dotted lines.
* Colors > identifying orange

Printing options: 
1. Print color template to standard white paper.

2. Print black and white template directly to orange paper.

Discuss what is a dashed, dotted and solid line and identify these in the template.

Tell the children they are going follow steps to make a fun jack-o'-lantern windsock.

Step 1Cutting the handle for the windsock
Color template > cut a separate strip of matching orange, or ribbon the length of the paper (11 1/2") and about 3/4" - 1" inch wide for a handle.  Set aside to attach later.  Adult should help with this step.

Black & white template printing to orange paper:
Cut a strip of paper along the long side of the template.  This paper strip will be used to make a handle.  Set aside to attach later.  Adult should help with this step.

Children can follow these steps with minimum assistance:
Step 2:  Cut close to the dashed line, all around the template.

Step 3:  Cut over the dotted lines.  Stop where the dotted line ends.  After this step, children can add glitter glue to the template, wait to dry and continue to step #4.

Step 4:  Apply glue to area marked with a upper case letter J and affix to the underside of lower case letter J.   The word jack-o'-lantern, starts with letter Jj.  Assist with this step.

Step 5:  Help children attach the handle to the undersides of the windsock.

Good JOB, the jack-o'-lantern windsock is ready!

Jack-o'-Lantern Mini Windsock Craft
jack o lanter mini windsock craft

Black and white

Features are on both sides of the windsock

Print b/w directly to orange paper
scissors, glue stick or tape

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