Leprechaun Craft | St. Patrick's Day | Learning Shapes Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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These activities can help us celebrate St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) and Irish American Heritage Month. In the process, we can address some fundamental skills, like learning some colors, shapes, learn about the holiday and more!

Activity 1 > Social Studies > Multicultural Activity > World Holidays >
Here are some links at Wikipedia to present basic information about St. Patrick's Day and Ireland:
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2. leprechaun: Irish fairy - old Irish for "small body." Their trade is that of a cobbler | shoemaker.
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4. A tour of Ireland: Ireland's flag, map, places of interest
5. Ireland Flag online jigsaw puzzle

Leprechaun Craft | St. Patrick's Day - Learning Shapes Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Activity 2 > Easy Shapes Leprechaun Craft - Ages 3+

The craft for this activity is an easy leprechaun face composed entirely of shapes (ovals, circles, crescent, heart, triangle). The craft also features the national colors of the Irish flag (green, orange and a bit of white), the shamrock, the national emblem of Ireland. Review learning activities below before craft assembly.

Printing and assembly options:
Option 1
: Print color template version, cut out, conduct learning activities of your choice below and assemble (add other decorations as desired review other decoration ideas below). Discuss colors and that these are the national colors of Ireland. Some of the learning activities should be conducted prior to assembly.
Option 2: Print black & white templates. Children can color or paint, cut out and proceed as above.

Craft Assembly Procedure (after pieces are colored in and cut out)
Show the small image of the finished craft briefly (featured in the template) to help the children see how the finished craft looks and to aid them in positioning the pieces.Make a quick demonstration of the sequence and allow the children to assemble by memory, provide assistance when needed.

1. Color pieces that apply on the black & white template (hat triangle, eyes, nose, and face oval).Conduct shape/number/pre-math activities of your choice below.

2. Assemble hat: Glue hat oval behind the rectangular piece and discuss the shamrock is the national emblem of Ireland and what it means. (represented by three hearts and a triangle arrangement)

3. Paste medium oval in horizontal position over large oval above the smile about 3/4" of upper edge.

4. Glue the assembled hat.

5. Glue eyes close to the edge of the hat and then glue nose where beard and face meet.

Optional decorations:
1. Use wiggly eyes instead of the template eyes provided.

2. Tape the craft to a craft stick (Popsicle stick) to make a hand puppet.

3. Use the craft to decorate plain gift bags, or as a large gift tag for a large gift.

4. For older children: Print black & white version templates, cut out, and trace templates over fun foam sheets or clean white Styrofoam trays. Assemble and draw in smile with permanent marker (adult) or glue a dark color pipe cleaner.

Learning Activities: Conduct your choice of learning activities outlined below. Some activities need to be conducted prior to craft assembly.

Listen to related holiday music, such as Celtic music, while doing the craft.

Activity 2: Shapes & Color Activity

Before craft assembly:
Identify the shapes for all template pieces. Discuss the colors, on the template or the colors chosen by the children to color the pieces. Some children like to discuss the colors as they choose them while coloring or painting the templates.

Activity 3: Numbers/Pre-Math Activities:
To conduct these activities template pieces should be colored and cut out.

1. Sorting/Sizing/Categorizing: Have the children sort the template shapes by size. Have the children arrange the sorted shape piles from smallest to largest.

2. Counting: Count how many of each are in each pile/size. You may want to write the numbers as you count on the blank side of the template to acquaint the children with printed numbers.

Activity #4: Letter L is for Leprechaun
printable activities

Visit St. Patrick's Day educational printable activities to expand the lesson plan.

Leprechaun Easy Shapes Craft
leprechaun easy shapes craft


*Black & White

letter l leprechaun printable activities
Letter L Leprechaun printable activities
D'Nealian & Standard block