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*Letter F > F is for Flowers
*Letter G > G is for Garden

> Learn about Flowers Craft

Books > suggestions:
The Carrot Seed 3+ by Ruth Krauss

Planting a Rainbow (2+)
by Louis Ehlert

Fairy Tales
*Jack and the Beanstalk
*The Little Red Hen

Holidays and Events >
*April > National Garden Month U.S.
*May > Flower Month

Online story time > Dottie's Garden

Seasons >

Science >
Plants > Flowers >
*Sun Block experiment
*How seeds grow experiment

Ages 2.5 to 6 years old

*  Leanne, the creator of this craft at the DLTK web site,  put together some great information on how plants grow in two different formats.  One format explains the growth of plants for older children  and the other is a simplified version for preschool age children.  Let this be your guide when presenting the craft.

How do seeds grow > Online story and experiment >
Visit this online story that illustrates for young children how a seed grows > Dottie's Garden

Leanne has also a great suggestion:  plant a bean in a cup and observe the growth.  Beans sprout very quickly and children will be able to appreciate how a plant grows.  Visit this other method to grow a seed using plastic zip lock bags and paper towel.

The Sun Block  Experiment:
* You can also do this little experiment to demonstrate how plants are affected by the lack of sunlight:
    * place a can or lid on top of a green patch of grass in your yard (to keep the can steady put a rock or other heavy object on top).
    * In a few days go with child and lift the can, you will see the patch is losing color.
    * in a week it will be very pale
Why?  This is because it could not make food in the dark.  It needed sunlight.
    *  Take away the can and the grass will soon recover.

Alphabet Activities > Letter F is for Flower or Letter G is for Garden
This craft also presents us with the opportunity to learn introduce or practice letters of the alphabet.  Review and select Printable Activities in the materials column.

Books >
Books to read about plants growing and having faith:
The Carrot Seed (3+)
by Ruth Krauss
  Planting a Rainbow by Louis Ehlert

Fairy Tales and Folk Tales > Online stories > Jack and Beanstalk | The Little Red Hen
These are two classical tales to introduce the concept of growing seeds and other life lessons.

Nutrition > This activity can be incorporated as part of a nutrition theme.  Growing fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc.  Visit the nutrition theme for lesson plan activities.

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DLTK's Learn About Flowers Craft
Learn About Flowers Craft
in color or black and white

Alphabet Printable Activities

Letter F is for Flowers

Letter G is for Garden

Flowers coloring pages

*crayons, markers, coloring pencils.
*one piece paper or card stock

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