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*Children's Sunflower Little House
Sunflowers are very easy to grow and children love them.  Why not prepare a little corner of the garden and have fun planting some sunflowers that the children will enjoy.

Here are step-by- step instructions to help you make a Children's Sunflower Little house.

To get you started and in the mood to plant the Sunflowers, make this easy and cute craft that can also serve as a garden seed marker.

1. Print template on white paper or card stock.  If you print on paper, glue to a sturdier surface.

2. Child can color the petals with crayons or markers yellow.  Stem and leaves green.  Color center of flower dark brown.

3.  Adult will help cut the template

4.  Child can proceed to assemble 

5.  Adult covers with contact paper, and glue to a craft stick and use as a garden marker for the sunflower seeds you plant.   

Visit this related activity:  A Celebration of Sunflowers, which introduces Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers masterpieces, an educational  sunflower theme coloring book that addresses the planting, growth, harvesting and products derived from this plant.

Make this easy and fun Sunny the Sunflower Craft

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*white construction paper card stock
* something to color with
* glue or glue stick
* contact paper
* craft stick

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