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Activity: What is a van and alphabet Letter V Van Printable Activities
Visit this lesson plan and incorporate this activity.

:  Alphabet Lower Case Letter V Van Activity Worksheet and Craft
These activities will help children learn letter V, beginning writing skills (tracing), scissor cutting skills, problem solving (assembly of the craft).

The upper portion of the activity worksheet is a foldable flash card, the lower portion is a craft to trace, color and assemble.

Printing Tips:  This activity worksheet will be more effective when printed on stiff paper or card stock.   To add interest, print on pastel colors.

Suggested instructions:
1.  Print the activity page.  If working with a group, print one for display and for instruction.  Distribute only the upper portion (flash card and tracer as one piece).

Tell the children they are going to play different games with a van theme.  They need to listen and follow instructions for the game.

2.  Game 1: Trace and Say the Letter - Assemble the Flash Card:
*Trace the large dotted letter (left) and sound out the word van and point to the image (right side).

*Have the children trace the dotted letter with their finger first.  Instruct to trace with color pencil or crayon.

*Color the van image on the right.

*Instruct children (or help) fold on the center line and apply glue.  One side of the card will show the tracer and the other side the van picture. 3.

Game 2: Craft - Trace, Cut and Assemble a Car or Van
The lower part of the worksheet is an easy craft that will provide opportunities to trace, cut (scissor skills) and creativity in coloring, decorating and assembly (small motor skills).

Distribute the van craft portion:

1.  Instruct the children to trace along the dotted lines of the different pieces in their favorite colors. Now the children can color, fill and decorate the pieces

2.  Once the pieces are traced and colored, instruct the children to cut out the pieces.

3.   Instruct to assemble.  They can refer to the image in the flash card. The wheels can be attached with a large fastener, so these can turn around (ages 3+ and older only).

Resources: Car seats and booster seats @
Alphabet Letter Lower Case V Van Activity Worksheet and Craft
Letter V Van Activity Worksheet and Craft
adapt this School bus craft to a Van
school bus craft

letter v van printable activites
Letter V Van Printable Activities

*print on card stock, paper, or construction paper
*something to color with-color pencils, crayons or markers
*preschool scissors
*Optional - two brass fasteners for wheels