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Review all materials for an alphabet theme presentation and colorful display for the story.

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This are two contemporary retelling of Brother's Grimm tale Num. 19 that has been told in many different ways in many countries. The main characters, through thoughtlessness or greed, waste three wishes that have been granted them.

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Print the coloring pages of your choice in the materials column.  Have children color and decorate with a variety of colors and materials.  All fish theme coloring pages.

Community Helpers and Careers > The Fisherman > Discuss some basic facts about what a fisherman does

Fish theme theme lesson activities >
This lesson plan includes the following:
1.  Learn about fish

2. Alphabet Letter F Fish or F Fishermen printable activities:
3. Craft > Five Fish in a Bowl > Learn numbers 1-5 and colors

4. Nursery rhyme activities and more.

Boat theme lesson plan activities >
This lesson plan includes the following:
1. Learn about boats

2. Alphabet Letter B is for Boat printable activities

3. Boat printable craft

4. Song, boating and water safety resources
The Fisherman and his Wife

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F is for Fish
Letter F Fish

Letter F Fishermen

Letter B Boat

Lesson plan printable activities and crafts
Fish theme
Boat theme
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