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Rapunzel Fairy Tale Online Story
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Review all alphabet and printable materials for a colorful T is for Tower presentation and display.

Fairy Tale Background:
is a fairy tale, and the best known version is that of the Brothers Grimm.  In the tale, a witch or enchantress separates Rapunzel from her parents and  puts her away in a room at the top of a tower in a remote part of a forest. The tower has no door or stairs and only a window.  The witch would climb Rapunzel's long braid of golden hair to visit her.  The witch would call out to Rapunzel saying:  Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair.  One day a prince hears Rapunzel's beautiful singing voice and wants to meet her.  He secretly observes how the witch is able to visit Rapunzel in the tower.  They meet, fall in love and agree to marry. The wicked witch attempts to separate them, but eventually they reunite, and live happily ever after.

Activity > Read the Fairy Tale and Learn the Parts of a Book.
Writing name on cover page, learning the parts of a book, number order.

Read and present this delightful and educational printable storybook version of Rapunzel at BBC CBeebies.  The pages are in coloring page format with story text.  Encourage children to:
1. Write their name in the cover in space provided.  For beginning writers, write the first name with dots or broken lines they can trace over.
2. Color the images.  At home sit with child and color together.  Have child select their favorite pages.  Discuss the illustrations, colors, etc.
3. Discuss the parts of a book.  Explore a book to discuss the standard parts: 
* The cover, title page, and spine.  
*  What printed information is in the cover, title page and spine?  Some types of books have a table of contents.
* What does an author, illustrator do?  Who is a publisher?  Why do books have a call number?
4. Identify the page numbers and count the pages to practice number order.  Have children place the pages in order.  Staple and/or cut a piece of additional paper to make a spine and paste to cover the staples.

Activity > Coloring or painting > Rapunzel in the Tower coloring page

Activity > Alphabet Letter T is for Tower lesson plan printable activities
and incorporate the related craft activity below.

Activity > Arts and Crafts > Printable Rapunzel and Tower Craft at DLTK-Teach
This craft will help emphasize on the alphabet activities T is for Tower.

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