Shamrock Craft | St. Patrick's Day | Friendship & Shapes| Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Have fun reading a bit about St. Patrick, shamrocks, leprechauns and why green is such a special color for St. Patrick's Day and for the Irish people.

Reference Materials:
* Shamrock: (three leaves) is a clover, and the national emblem of Ireland.

* Lucky Four-Leaf Clover: when a rare four leaflet occurs in a clover it is said to be lucky and the leaves represent hope, faith, love and the fourth one, luck.

Ages 2 to 6:
Discuss the color green and what it means to the Irish people.  It is connected to hope and nature.

Where is the color green in nature?  Plants, trees and animals, like a grasshopper.

When talking about plants you can introduce the shamrock.

Shamrock Craft | St. Patrick's Day | Friendship & Shapes| Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Craft Activity: Easy Shapes Friendship Shamrocks (3 leaflet) or Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

Suggestion: Have two or more children or family members working together.
Have children share their decorated shapes so that each child has shape(s) from
a friend for his/her final clover/shamrock.

1. Use any circular, heart and triangle shape to trace over any available paper material - recycle time, or print the patterns in the materials column!

2. Decorate: Paint, color, stamp, sponge, the shapes with a variety of materials.

3. Cut out the shapes and assemble to make 3 or 4 leaf clovers over another piece of material to create a frame.

4. Idea: Substitute paper shapes with coffee filters or cup cake liners and paint these with watercolors, or diluted tempera, or make designs with markers first. Suggestion: Mix paint with a little white glue. When it dries it has a sheen to it. When dry, transfer and glue on a dark green background. 

Activities to incorporate with this craft: 

1. Alphabet Activity - Consonant Digraph Sh Shamroack
Introduce the consonant digraph Sh with various printables.

2. Online Puzzle:  Ireland's National Flag
Easy six piece puzzle.  Click on Shape button to change shape and amount of pieces.

3.  Review and select other educational St. Patrick's Day theme printable activities

friendship shamroocks crafts

Friendship Shamrocks
(3 leaves only)
Lucky Four Leaf Clover Shape Patterns

consonant digraph sh printable activities
Consonant Digraph Sh Shamrock printable activities

*  paper, scissors, glue, coloring supplies