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For children 18 months to 6 years old
Print your choice of the hare:  Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4

These printable animal puzzles are designed to grow with your child abilities.

We recommend that you include one or a combination of the following activities prior to using the puzzle:

1.  Read a book that has the animal in the story or is the main character -- related activities in the Hare Theme.

2.  Discuss some simple facts about the animal - visit this activity - Learning about Hares and  Rabbits.

3.  Mimic the movements or sounds that the animal might make - hopping.

4.  Recommendation: Give a special name that starts with the first letter in the animals  word.  This will make the animal puzzle more special to the child and reinforce the alphabet letter, for example:  Hoppy the Hare.
4.  Ask what colors are in the animals body.

After one of the above activities: 
1.  Present the puzzle to the child and allow child to put together and show briefly the small image on the upper left corner of the template so the child has a glimpse of the finished puzzle.

2.  Alphabet Practice:  Write the letter H h one or two times in each puzzle piece and ask the child to search for the hidden letters.

3.  Encourage child to store puzzle away after s/he is done (see recommendations for storage below)

Tips on how to store the puzzles:

*  Glue or tape the small image (in the left-upper corner of the template) to an envelope.  You can use those large left-over greeting card envelopes (from Christmas for example) usually these are bigger or create custom made envelopes by folding a piece of paper in half, close sides with tape.

  Note:  We do not recommend plastic zip lock bags since these are a suffocation hazard to children.

Storage Box Project:  
* Use a large shoe box and cover and decorate if you desire with  wrapping paper and/or animal stickers.  Place the puzzle envelopes in the shoe box without a lid so children can reach and store easily.

* Encourage children to put the puzzles back an envelope once they are done using them, and put back into a special animal puzzle box box or plastic box.
Enjoy the puzzles!

Hare or Jackrabbit Printable Puzzles:

Stage 1
18 months to
to 24 months approx

Stage 2:
2+ to 3 years approx

Stage 3:

3+ to 4 years approx

Stage 4:

4+ to 6 years approx

* If you print on regular paper you need to glue unto a harder surface such as card board from a cereal box, or the thin carton in shirt packaging and then cut with sharp scissors (adults only)

* Printing the templates on heavy duty card stock works best

Cut and save the small image in the left upper corner of the template, refer to the instructions for using this image.

* To make the puzzles more durable cover with clear contact paper. 

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