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This is probably one of the most famous teddy bear rhymes and children love it.  Suggestion: If conducting this activity at a preschool or child care facility, plan ahead to have children bring their favorite teddy bear for show and tell.

It would also be fun to end the activity reading a book and/or a short video about a teddy bear or fairy tale bear characters.

Activity 1 > Nursery Rhyme-Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  • Print, read from screen and sing the nursery rhyme poster in the link provided. A variation of the nursery rhyme in YouTube.
  • Make sure children understand the meaning of all the  words.
  • Identify colors and images in the picture.
  • Tell the children they are going to do fun activities with teddy bears and later read the rhyme again with the surprises they will make.

Activity > Coloring > Nursery Rhyme Coloring Page

  • Print the coloring page in the link provided.
  • Suggest to the children they color the teddy bear any color they want or to resemble their own teddy bear.
  • Read and sing the rhyme again sliding your finger under the text.           

Activity:  Letter T is for Teddy bear printable activities

Activity:  Teddy Bear Crafts 
There are many choices for crafts depending on the ages of the children.  All are available to print in color or black & white coloring format.

Review each craft link to decide which craft & activities best meet your needs.  Each craft will address many preschool skills in the process of making them: colors, shapes, numbers/ counting/ sorting, fine motor skills, and more.

Nursery Rhyme Poster for educator
teddy bear teddy bear nursery rhyme poster and coloring page
Color Poster
Black & White Poster

teddy bear teddy bear nursery rhyme coloring page with text
Coloring page
teddy bears coloring pages
All teddy bear coloring pages

letter t teddy bear printable activities
Letter T Teddy Bear printable activities

teddy bear crafts

Select a Teddy Bear Craft

* white paper 
* something to color with
Note: refer to craft links for materials needed.