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This is a funny a delightful online story that all ages will enjoy. This young farmer is frantic! He has "lost" his beloved pet Morris the Mouse. Children will not know who is Morris until the end of the story. Let's go and find out where is he "hiding." In the process we are going to meet a bird, a bear, a dog, a horse and a sheep and Morris, the "lost" mouse. What's more we are going to find out how to say these animal words in Spanish just for fun!

To do before activities:
Before reading the story print out the coloring pages listed in the materials column to use on a board or felt board and to make a coloring book for the activities off. The images can be printed directly to different color paper, and cut out.

Online Story time > Morris' Special DayActivity 1 > Online Story time > Morris' Special Day
1. Read the story and allow the children to use the computer mouse to move to the next page. The children will learn or practice the names of animals and will get a brief and fun introduction to a few fun words in Spanish.

2. Sequencing: Using the display animal coloring pages, ask the children if they can remember in which order did the animals appear in the story. As the children answer place the animal image on the board and write the name of the animal on the image. Continue until all animals have been identified.

3. Discuss the colors of each animal.

4. Discuss: Where was Morris? Was he lost?

5. Using the same images have the children try to isolate which animals live on the farm andwhich animals don't live on the farm but are wild animals.

Activity 2 > Mouse Activity Set > Make a Mouse Headband and Practice letter Mm is for Mouse
Make a cute mouse themed headband with the oval template labeled #3. Cut a piece of paper in 1 1/2" to 2" strips (3 strips) to form a long headband. The children can color the mouse image and glue to the center of the head band. Help adjust the band around the children head and tape in place. Write the word Mouse in the small rectangular card (labeled #2) and cut the small oval (labeled #4) and glue a craft stick to make a hand puppet. Read the story online one more time with the headbands on!

Activity 3 > Animals Coloring Book
The children can assemble a coloring book for the animals mentioned in the story. Make sure to write the names of each animal and include the first letter inside the image to reinforce letter recognition. Help the children staple the pages.

Activity 4 > Community Helper > The Farmer
The farmer is presented in this story. Discuss the responsibilities and importance of the farmer, visit these related activities. Which of the animals in the story are animals that a farmer would raise in a farm, which ones could be pets at home? Which animal does not belong in the farm and why?

Mouse activity set:
mouse activity set
black and white

Coloring pages for display & coloring book:
bear,bird , dog, sheep, horse and mouse

*paper or construction paper
*coloring tools