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Alphabet > Letter E > E is for Eggs and Edgar
(short vowel sound)

Animals > Mammals > Rabbit

Character Education > Sharing

Holidays and Events > *March or April > Easter

Online Story time >
Edgar's Easter Eggs

> Spring > Eggs theme

Ages:  2 to 6  Level: Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten
Activity > Easter Eggs Theme Online Story
Edgar's Easter Eggs is a short and beautiful Easter story that will captivate children and grown ups alike.  It is about the fun of decorating the Easter eggs, and then  best of all, the wonderful feeling of sharing with others.  

Come and have fun with Edgar as he has a great time decorating eggs and discovers how absolutely wonderful it is to share.

Discuss the story and this is a good opportunity to plan your Easter egg decorating preparations.  Why not plan a little party for others and get together to decorate your Easter eggs.

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Make sure to point out that eggs and the name Edgar (the rabbit in the story) share the same vowel sound.

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*Eggs theme
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