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Come and meet Nick Jr.'s, Dora the Explorer's Little Star.

Today's activities will include a delightful  online story:  "Little Star's Wish" as well as other educational activities, and a special craft to help the children learn the star shape and learn about outer space.

Activity #1:  Read "Little Star's Wish" Online Story:  Instructions:  When the link opens, click on the Storybooks tab, click on Little Star's Wish (middle)Companion printable 12-page coloring story book.

Summary:  Dora the Explorer and her friend Boots are out with a telescope looking for stars.  They meet Little Star.  Little Star is lonely and wishes for a friend.  Dora will help Little Star find a friend.  Let's find out who is going to be this special friend.

Note:  Print one of this two supplementary coloring books to support the star theme activities:
1. Dora's Star Catching Coloring Storybook
2. Dora's Collect A Star Coloring book

Discuss the story with the children.  Talk about friendship and how wonderful it is to have friends.  Discuss that Little Star is shaped like a star.  What shape is the Moon?

Activity #2:  "Little Star" Craft
Print the template of your choice in color or black and white.  Color and decorate if applicable.  Glue a craft stick/Popsicle stick, drinking straw or unsharpened pencil to the back to make a hand puppet (or star wand) or make a little hole on top and add a piece of ribbon or string to make a cute ornament or gift tag.

Activity #3:  Letter S is for Star lesson plan activities
Visit the activity letter S is for Starfish and adapt to star.

Activity #4:  Science:  What is in Space - The Astronomer and Astronaut
This related activity will present basics about the star, sun (a star), the moon, Earth and comet.  It will introduce the careers of the astronaut and astronomer: printable crafts and  Letter A is for Astronaut and Astronomer.

Activity #5:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Star Light, Star Bright Nursery Rhyme Activities 
These activities, craft and Printable Activities can be incorporated to the star theme and are suitable for a winter holiday or Christmas theme as well.

Print Star Craft:

Star in Color

Star -black & white

Review links in the lesson plan for other printable materials.

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