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Little Red Riding Hood | Online Story | Crafts Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Today children and grown ups will enjoy a delightful versions of Little Red Riding Hood with wonderful images, text or audio.

To make the story time and learning even more fun there are some great teaching aids/crafts the children are sure to enjoy.

On a serious note, the Little Red Riding Hood story is an appropriate opportunity to address a safety issue that we altogether much rather not even think about or contemplate: child abduction; nonetheless it requires our attention to help our children avoid the unthinkable.

We can discuss with young children how to deal with potentially dangerous situations with strangers following some simple tips from the experts. These tips have been put together in a manner that children will not be frightened or stressed but ALERT to situations and actions by strangers.

Note: Educators may want to let parents know the topic that will be discussed and provide a safety sheet outlining the key safety tips before hand, so parents are prepared for children's questions. There are links below to help you with the safety sheet.

There are a number of ways to present these materials, it is a matter of preference and what you feel best works for the age group.

1. Alternative #1: For larger groups it may work to have a Little Red Riding Hood and wolf crafts (links in the materials column) ready to present during the reading to use as puppets, and then tell the children they will be making their own to play with and take home.

2. Alternative #2: The crafts can be made after the reading without revealing them before hand.

3. There are enough crafts and materials for this story and topic to divide the activities into a two day session. Here is a suggested flow of activities:
Day 1:
Read the story discuss the events.
Discuss safety issues and the children will help "reinvent" the story by applying the safety issues. What should have Little Red Riding Hood done to avoid what happened.
Make one craft of the characters.
Day 2:
Ask children to recall the events in their own words.
Make the second craft.
Review key safety issues briefly and role play with the crafts (see DLTK´s McGruff the Crime Dog page for ideas).
Print and send the coloring page with a safety sheet for parents.

For parents at home extend the activities for a third day by practicing the safety tips and doing the coloring activity.

Activity 1:Online Story time:
Version 1: Read or print Little Red Riding Hood @ DLTK-kids
Version 2: Red Riding Hood @
1. Read from the screen or have a book and Little Red Riding Hood craft and wolf for presentation.
2. Refer to flow of activities suggested #3 above.

Activity 2: Safety "Be Alert with Situations and Actions of Strangers" - Character Craft
Here are three different links with professional safety tips to avoid child abduction to discuss with young children. There also tips for teens and parents. There is no doubt that these agencies have enough experience with this issue to rely on their research for putting together these tips.

FBI Safety Tips - Abduction

You may have to adjust these slightly since they are designed for grades K to 5.

Activity with McGruff the Crime Dog at DLTK
Puppet Show with Crafts:
Leanne at DLTK has put together a sensible and practical article as well as a fun activity on how to present this topic. Using the Little Red Riding Hood and wolf craft make a puppet show as she suggests. It is extremely important to stress that not all dangerous strangers look as the menacing WOLF, they can be anyone, like Bob the Builder.

Take Home Activity: Little Red Riding Hood Coloring Pages
Print your choice of coloring pages to send home to reinforce the message and open up discussion at home about the topic.

Nutrition Theme: A Nutritious Food Basket for Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma
For children under four years old:
Dairy Products Basket | Fruit Basket Craft | Vegetables Basket Craft
Children can make an easy printable basket with nutritious dairy products, fruits or vegetables such as the one that Little Red Riding Hood was taking to Grandma.

Animals > Mammals > Endangered > Wolf Activities >
Skills: Science, Social Studies, Problem Solving
There is a lot negative myths associated to the wolf because of the way it has been portrayed in folk and fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and others. The gray wolf is endangered.

Alphabet > W is for Wolf lesson planprintable activities

Fairy Tales and Fables > Lesson plan activities featuring the wolf:
1. The Three Little Pigs video story

2. The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf video story

3. The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing video story

The tips need to be reviewed sporadically with the children to keep them fresh in their mind.

Our heartfelt thanks to Leanne at DLTK for her contribution of the online story, wonderful crafts and coloring page that will help us all deliver this important safety information!

little red riding hood craft
Little Red Riding Hood craft

wolf printable craft at dltk kids
Wolf craft

Food Basket for Grandma:
dairy products basket craft
Dairy products basket craft

fruit basket craft
Fruit basket craft

vegetable basket craft
Vegetable basket craft

little red ridinghood coloring page
Coloring page:

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

letter w wolf printable activities

letter w wolf printable activities
Letter W Wolf printable activities

wolf coloring pages
Wolf coloring pages