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This is a fun online activity to encourage children to identify among three objects which one is appropriate to use during bath time and practice vocabulary.  It also allows an opportunity to discuss the importance of bath time and the items we use during this healthy routine. 

Activity #1:  Online Activity:  It's Time for My Bath
Visit this online activity:  It's Time For My Bath  Have the children practice the use of the computer mouse and identify objects that are used during bath time.  Also, make sure the child verbalizes and recognizes all the objects first, then identify among the three objects which can be used during bath time.  This activity helps build vocabulary.

You may want to ask children what other objects/toys they like to use at bath time.

Review how and why we take a bath and what happens after the bath: 
1.  ¿What do we use to dry our bodies? What is the correct way to use the towel?  Use a doll and small towel , or demonstrate after bath time.

Activity:  Slippery Soap Paper Craft 
Ages 2+ to 6
This is a cute and easy craft that will emphasize on the use of soap for keeping our bodies clean and healthy.

It is possible that children will recognize Slippery Soap from the Blue's Clues children's  TV program.   Even if the children don't view this program Slippery Soap is perfect to illustrate in a fun way soap is fun and important to a bath routine!

Print your choice of template in color or black and white, color.  Children can decorate if applicable and assemble the pieces.   Slippery can also become a cute hand puppet by gluing a Popsicle stick/craft stick.   Read below some ideas to use Slippery as an fun educational tool.

Alphabet Activity > Letter S is for Soap
Write letter S and Slippery Soap on the assembled craft.  Present Letter S worksheet and mini-book.  Review instruction for worksheet and mini-book.

Ideas to use Slippery SoapSlippery Soap Bath Buddy or play Name the Parts of the Body with Slippery Soap
Cover Slippery Soap with clear contact paper and display in a place of honor in the bathroom.   He can become a friendly bath buddy to remind children of bath time routine and to practice the names of the parts of the body.  For example:  Parents can say, "Slippery Soap wants to remind you to wash behind the ears..., or Slippery Soap wants to play " Name the Body Parts" today .... do you want to play? 

Name the parts of the body with Slippery Soap can also be done at preschool or child care facility.

Slippery Soap Craft

Letter S Worksheet and Mini-Book

Paper or card stock

glue or glue stick

something to color with