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This printable set can be used for story time, for small "parties," at home, child care centers and preschools in any other related theme.  The sets are available in color or black and white so the children can color and decorate them.

This set complements an alphabet letter presentation > M is for Mouse or adapt to a language of your choice.

Here is a description of the items and suggestions on how to use them.

Templates description and suggestions:

a.  Felt board character | hand puppet | large stand-up figure:
Largest image in the template page.
  • Felt board character:  Laminate for durability. Glue a small piece of sand paper to the back to use on a felt board.
  • Hand puppet:
    Glue a wooden craft stick, or unsharpened pencil to the back and use as a hand puppet.
  • Large stand-up figure:  Glue against a toilet paper tube.
  • Party bag > paste to a standard lunch bag and fill with other activities.

    Suggestions:  Write alphabet letter and animal word inside the template.

b.  Name tag or small flash card > Small rectangle template

c.  Small stand up figure, small hand puppet, paper cup or scrapbook sticker
Larger oval shaped template.

d.  Finger puppet or pencil topper
2 templates:  small oval and finger strip
Glue the small oval to the finger strip or tape right under the eraser on a pencil.

Mouse Activity Party Set
Mouse Activity - Party Printable Set

Black & White

* computer paper and/card stock
* scissors
* tape 
* something to color with
* glue
* craft sticks

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