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Printing Tips

In order to print materials correctly and fit images in standard letter size paper the following is recommended: 

Internet Explorer:
In your browser bar, click > File > Print Preview > Page Setup (Alt + U) and save the following settings:
Select page size > Letter (8 1/2" x 11")* and orientation is portrait.
Select "Empty" in all headers and footers or select "blank"
3.  Enter smallest margins allowable for your printer

In your browser bar >
1.  Click > Firefox [the tool box]
2.  Open the Print dialog box > Select Print Preview
3.  In the Print Preview window > click on Page Setup > click on the Headers and Footers Tab, and save the following settings:
     a. In the Margin slots, enter O (zero) on all sides
     b. Select "blank" for all Header and Footers

Google Chrome:
1.  Click on Print button on Top border or click on printable, it will open in a new window > click wrench on browser, select Print.
2.  In the Print preview window select None in the "Margins" dialog box
3.  In Options, deselect/uncheck 'Headers and Footers' 

Apple Safari:
1. Click Print ...
Headers and Footers cannot be removed ... Some printable materials will not fit properly.