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Animal and environmental observances calendar with links to printable activities and crafts suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.  Visit an observance date and information links to find resources, lesson plans that include crafts, easy instructions and a list of materials needed.

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National Train Your Dog Month
Walk Your Pet Month
2nd: National Pet Travel Safety Day* [info.]
5th: National Bird Day* [info.]
20th: National Penguin Awareness Day*
21st: National Squirrel Apreciation Day*

National Bird Feeding Month [info.]
National Pet Dental Month [AVMA-info.]
Responsible Pet Owner Month
Saturday before Presidents' Day: World Whale Day*
LastTuesday:  Spay Day [HSUS-info.]
1st: Serpent Day*
2nd: Groundhog Day*
2nd: Hedgehog Day*
20th: Love Your Pet Day*
22nd: Walking the Dog Day*
23rd: National Dog Biscuit Day*
27th: National Polar Bear Day*

 3rd week: Poison Prevention Week [ASPCA, National Animal Poison Control Center]
18th-24th: National Agriculture Week* [info.]
1st: National Pig Day*
3rd: World Wildlife Day* [UN]
22nd: World Water Day * [UN]
23rd: National Puppy Day* [info.]
Last Wednesday: Manatee Appreciation Day

National Frog Month
National Garden Month
National Heartworm Awareness Month [info.]
National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month
Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month [ASPCA]
Pets are Wonderful Month
World Habitat Awareness Month
3rd week: National Pet ID Week
Last Friday: Arbor Day
Last Saturday: World Veterinary Day
Last Sunday: International Day of the Dog
2nd: Ferret Day*
4th: World Rat Day*
11th: National Pet Day*
11th: National Dolphin Day*
18th: Pet Owner's Day*
22nd: Earth Day & International Mother Earth Day* [UN]
25th: World Penguin Day*
26th: National Kids & Pets Day*
30th: National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day*

National Egg Month
Flower Month
1st full week: Be Kind to Animals Week
1st full week: National Pet Week [info.]
2nd Saturday: Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
2nd Saturday: International Migratory Bird Day [info]
2nd weekend: World Migratory Bird Day [info.]
3rd week:  National Dog Bite Prevention Week [AVMA]
4th: Bird Day* [info.]
13th: Frog Jumping Day*
15th: Hug Your Cat Day*
3rd Friday: Endangered Species Day [info]
23rd: World Turtle Day*

Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month
National Dairy Month [info.]
Fruit and Vegetable Month
Zoo and Aquarium Month
1st full week: Pet Appreciation Week
2nd Sunday: World Pet Memorial Day
1st full week: Pet Appreciation Week
4th: National Hug Your Cat Day*
5th: World Environment Day* [UN]
8th: World Oceans Day* [UN]
18th-24th: National Pollinators Week [info]
2nd week: National Farriers Week [info.]
14th: Shark Awareness Day*
15th: Pet Fire Safety Day* [AKC]
18th: Cow Appreciation Day*

Water Quality Month
1st full week: Int'l Assistance Dog Week [info]
22nd: National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day [info.]
26th: National Dog Day*

National Chicken Month
National Food Safety Education Month
National Service Dog Month
Responsible Dog Ownership Month [AKC]
World Animal Remembrance Month
1st Saturday: National Hummingbird Day
2nd Sunday: National Pet Memorial Day
4th Saturday: International Rabbit Day
Last full week: National Dog Week
Last full week: Sea Otter Awarenesss Week
4th: National Wildlife Day* [info.]
8th: National Iguana Awareness Day*
18th: World Water Monitoring Day* [info.]
22nd: Elephant Appreciation Day*
28th: World Rabies Day* [info.]
29th: National Goose Day or Saint Michaelmas Day*

Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month
National Pet Wellness month [AVMA]
Dinosaur Month

First Monday: World Habitat Day* [UN]
2nd: World Farm Animals Day*
 16th: World Food Day* [UN]
21st: Reptile Awareness Day*
29th: National Cat Day*


Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month [ASPCA]
Manatee Awareness Month
1st full week: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week


4th: Wildlife Consevation Day* [WWF]
11th: International Mountain Day* [UN]
13th: National Day of the Horse*
27th:  Visit the Zoo Day*

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* Signifies observances on the same month and day every year.
ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
AKC: American Kennel Club
AVMA:  American Veterinary Medical Association
HSUS:  Humane Society of the United States
UN: Recognized by the United Nations [observances]
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