Fantasy Coloring Pages:
Medieval - Mythology - Royalty

These coloring pages are an extension of fairy tales preschool activities and crafts. You will find fantasy: medieval, mythology and royalty theme coloring pages and printable activities suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

castle coloring page
Castle 1
castle coloring page
Castle 2
castle coloring page 3
Castle 3
castle coloring page 4
Castle 4
letter c crown printable activities
Letter C Crown printable activities
crown or tiara coloring page
Crown or tiara
dragons coloring pages
Dragons [various]
[Chinese New Year]
letter e elf printable activities
Letter E Elf activities
elf coloring page
fairies coloring page
Fairies 1
fairies coloring page
Fairies 2
letter g ghost printable activities
Letter G Ghost activities
ghosts coloring pages
Ghost [various]
giant coloring page
giant coloring page
Letter J Jester activities
letter k king  printable activities
Letter K King activities
mermaid coloring page
knight or prince coloring page
Knight or prince
mermaid coloring page
monster ogre troll coloring page
Monster - Ogre - Troll
princess and unicorn coloring page
Princess & unicorn
letter q queen printable activities
Letter Q Queen activities
queen coloring page
letter t tower printable activities
Letter T Tower activities
letter u unicorn printable activities
Letter U Unicorn activities
unicorn coloring page
Unicorn 1
unicorn coloring page
Unicorn 2
witch coloring pages
Witch [various]
letter w wizard printable activities
Letter W Wizard activities
wizard coloring pagez
Wizards [various]