Easter Coloring Pages
for Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten

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Easter coloring pages an extension of Easter Preschool Activities and Crafts. These are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

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Alphabet Theme Printable Activities for Easter
description leads to related activities
GN = Generic   DN  =  D'Nealian   SB = Standard block

Activities & Crafts Color Poster Coloring Page Handwriting
Egg GN -- DN | SB
Chicks | Chicken Consonant digraph Ch worksheet and mini-book
Palm Sunday
Letter D Donkey Printable Activities
Duck Letter D Duck Printable Activities
Hare DN | SB DN | SB DN | SB
Lamb -- DN | SN DN | SN
Lily > Letter L Lily Printable Activities & craft DN | SB
Rabbit Letter R Rabbit Printable Activities DN | SB

Writing paper:  Spring bunny rabbits and flowers

Easter Coloring Pages (Secular)

Easter Bunny Rabbits:
Rabbit in basket
Rabbit in eggs basket

Rabbit and eggs basket
Rabbit holding egg basket
Rabbit and egg
Rabbit painting and Easter egg
More bunny rabbits and hare coloring pages 

Easter Chicks | Chicken:
Chick and Easter egg
Chicks singing and Easter egg
Chicken or Hen and Easter eggs
More chicks | chicken coloring pages

Duckling in Easter egg
More ducks and ducklings coloring pages 

Easter Eggs Theme Coloring Pages:
Easter egg

Egg - Oval Pattern
> to decorate

Decorated Easter Eggs

Eggs basket 1 | 2

Eggs basket 3:  boy and bunny rabbit

Egg Theme Nursery Rhyme Theme:  Humpty Dumpty activities  
color poster
  coloring page 1:  w/text no text
coloring page 2: 
w/text  no text

Lamb and Easter eggs basket
More lamb | sheep coloring pages

Lily and Easter egg
Lily, the Easter flower

Gentleman with basket, Easter eggs and flowers

Lady with bunny rabbit, Easter eggs and flowers

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Easter Online Coloring Book
Includes links to printable coloring pages

Easter Printable Activities

Easter Coloring Pages - Religious

Bible Alphabet Coloring Pages & Handwriting Practice Worksheets:
D'Nealian | Standard Block

*Palm Sunday w/text | no textMatthew 21:1-11 
*Donkey Activities*  *Plants of the Bible Craft*

The Last Supper w/text
| no text: Luke 22:7-38  Mark 14:12-26 online coloring page

Jesus Carrying the Cross w/text
| no textJohn 19:1-36, Luke 23:1-49

The Crucifixion w/text
| no textJohn 19:1-36Luke 23:1-49

The Resurrection: Angel Appears at the Tomb w/text | no text | online coloring page | Matthew 28:1-10
*The Resurrection Activities

The Resurrection:  Jesus Appears to Thomas w/text | no Text: John 20:24-31

Related coloring pages:  Angels | Bible and Christian

Jesus' Ministry Online Coloring Book