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Chinese New Year Activities and Crafts
for Preschool and Kindergarten

Chinese New Year educational activities for preschool and kindergarten.  You will find free Chinese New Year crafts and printable activities with easy to follow lesson plans, instructions, and related resources.

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Chinese New Year is February 16, 2018
2017 year of the rooster chinese new year
2018 is the Year of the Dog
chinese new year coloring pages
Chinese New Year Coloring Pages
printable dominoes
Chinese Invention:  Dominoes (or Dominos)
chines invention kite activities and craft
Chinese Invention:  The Kite
chinese new year printable landterns Lantern Festival
The last day of Chinese New Year festival - March 2, 2018

Lantern craft:  Dragon | Tiger
Panda Theme Preschool Activities and Crafts
China's National Treasure:
The Giant Panda
umbrella activities and crafts
Chinese Invention:  The Collapsible Umbrella
The Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
Activities, crafts and coloring pages  
rooster activities and crafts dog activities and crafts pig activities and crafts
Rooster (2017) Dog (2018) Pig (2019)
 Wild Boar in Japan
rat activities and crafts ox activities and crafts tiger activities and crafts
Rat (2020) Ox (2021) Tiger (2022)
rabbit activities and crafts dragon activities and crafts sanke activities and crafts
Rabbit (2023)
Cat in Vietnam
Dragon (2024) Snake (2025)
horse activities and crafts goat or sheep activities and crafts monkey activities and crafts
Horse (2026) Goat | Sheep (2027) Monkey (2028)
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