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Welcome to free Christmas Santa Claus, Elves and Reindeers printable activities and crafts for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten (ages 2 to 6).  You will find free printable crafts and activities with easy to follow lesson plans, instructions and related resources.

These activities are also appropriate for a St. Nicholas theme.  St. Nicholas Day is commemorated December 6th.

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Saint Nicholas Crafts | Santa Claus Crafts 

Saint Nicholas Craft
[and calendar version]

Sinterklaas [The Netherlands]

Santa Claus Craft
[and calendar version]
Easy Shapes Santa Claus 2.5+

Santa Claus Easy Shapes Craft
Santa Claus Printable Activities

Coloring Pages

Santa Claus, Elves and Reindeers

Colors and Shapes Santa Claus Wreath

Santa Claus Maze

Start at the arrow, reach the star. [more mazes]

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