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Preschool Lesson Plan Activities

Bath Time | Hygiene | Soap Craft | Preschool Lesson Plan Activities

Adaptable for ages 18 months to 6 years old:

Activity 1: Read Online Story: I Will Not Take a Bath
Read the online story I Will Not Take a Bath (Adope Player player required). This is a good opportunity to help young children to practice using the computer mouse. They can help by clicking on the arrow to move to the next "page".

Children of all ages will be able to feel a connection with this story and will enjoy recognizing the images of some of their own favorite bath toys. This story leads us to open the door to discuss bath time and hygiene in a fun way.

Activity 2: Discuss Bath time and Hygiene
All children at some point in time will refuse to take a bath.This cute story illustrates in a fun way how this happens and how creative our children can be to find an excuse not to, in this case the tub is too full with toys. This is a good opportunity to discuss in a casual and fun way why bath time is important and a healthy routine, what is the right way to take a bath, and how much fun we can have taking a bath.

When children go through this type of activity and understand the reasons and importance of bath time it helps to alleviate the "I will not take a bath" episodes. I stress the word alleviate because it will happen particularly when children are entertained in other activities or are very tired.

Here are a few suggestions for discussion. Adjust the questions to the ages of the children and add other questions you feel are relevant and have answers ready according to your bath routine and customs:

  1. Why do we take a bath?
  2. Why is it important to take a bath daily/regularly?
  3. Why do we use soap, water, bath sponge, etc.?
  4. How can we have fun after we take a bath (after cleaning our body)? Here you can discuss playing with bath toys. Children can express how they have fun pretending they are at the beach, or sailing on a boat, or swimming with a whale, pretending to be ocean creatures, or sailors, etc.
  5. Discuss in simple terms the importance of water as a resource. We must conserve water. Related topics: The water cycle and water quality.

Activity 3: How to take a bath and practice the names of the parts of the body.

Visit this online activity > It is Bath time (Adobe Flash Player required)

In this activity it is a good idea to use a doll that is appropriate for bathing, to have some soap or bath gel, bathing sponge and a small plastic container with water (or use the kitchen or bathroom sink if doing the activity with one child). With these items the children can actually practice bathing the doll and practice the names to different body parts. This activity can also take place during bath time.

How to wash our body: Discuss how and in what order we clean our body parts. Is important to establish a routine that children can remember. For example what do we wash/clean first, second, third: our hair, our face, behind the ears, the neck, shoulders, back, chest, etc.

slippery soap craftActivity 4: Soap Craft
Here is a cute and easy paper craft of a soap. This is Slippery Soap, a character in the Blue's Clues preschool TV show. This is an opportunity to discuss how soap helps clean our bodies. Using bar soap or gel is also important to wash our hands frequently particularly before handling food at meal times.

Practice alphabet letter S is for Soap and write the word S on the craft.

For a sensory experience, rub some soap against the back of the assembled craft. Tie a string and hang in the bathroom to remind children to wash their hands and that bath time is fun.

Other ideas for further activities on a different days:
On different days using the same online story you can develop a similar activity of what happens after the bath. This can include how we, brush our teeth, dry our body, dress ourselves. Again you can illustrate this with a doll or after bath time on a regular basis.