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Dog or Puppy Craft | Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities


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Dog or Puppy Craft

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This is a very easy five-piece printable craft of a puppy or dog.

The craft can be used to present a pets theme (pet care), letter D Dog or letter P Puppy theme and other basic preschool skills.  >

Activity #1:  Assemble the craft
Options:  Select the color or black and white version to color and decorate on the materials column.
Learning Skills to address during assembly:
1.  Number skills: Counting the template pieces out loud
2. Color recognition: Identify and or select a color for the craft.
3. Following a set of instructions.  Provide a simple set of instructions for assembly.

Activity #2:  Alphabet - Letter Recognition
D is for Dog or P is for Puppy

Introduce or reinforce letter recognition an early writing skills. 

Letter D is for Dog and P is for Puppy support materials listed in the materials column.

Activity #3: Aesop fable | Character Education > The Dog and his Reflection
Read the fable and discuss the valuable message.

Other activities:
Visit the dog theme for other educational activities and resources.

Dog or Puppy Craft

illustration only

Craft Templates
*coloring format

*paper or construction paper or card stock
*something to color or paint with

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