Easter Eggs Basket Craft to Learn Colors and Numbers Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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This Easter eggs basket craft activity can be adapted as a learning tool for various activities to learn present alphabet letter E (egg), primary and secondary colors, numbers and early math concepts for different age and grade levels (toddlers to first-grade).  This also an opportunity to address the nutritional value of eggs.

The elements can also be laminated for extended use at home or classroom to create a folder game activity for a center/station.

Easter Eggs Basket Craft or Home-made folder game
The activities for this age group are simple, short and enjoyable. Use the color format or color, and cut out the eggs ahead of time.  Children can color or paint the basket with finger paints, while it dries out play and learn with the eggs.  At home do an Easter egg hunt and "hide" the paper eggs in visible places in a safe play area where children can search and find them easily.  After the egg hunt proceed with the next steps.  Count the eggs together, identify the colors.  Ask children to name other things they like in each of the colors, such as favorite toys or healthy treats like fruits:  red apples, strawberries, raspberries, orange juice, yellow bananas, green apples or grapes, blueberries, purple grapes or grape juice.  Use a glue stick and have children attach the eggs to the basket.  Write the children's' name in the bow.   
Preschool and Kindergarten: 
Ages 3+ and older.
1.  Review and print your selection of template. All templates feature a basket to color.  The six eggs are available in primary and secondary colors with or without color words.

Suggestion:  If you would like to include other colors not featured, trace the six egg pattern, make copies or trace one egg pattern over construction paper remnants Other possible colors to include:  white, brown, black, pink, gray and tan for a total of ten to a dozen eggs.

Children can color the basket and bow in their favorite colors.

Following directions and ordinal numbers:  Optional:  all children can color one egg at a time following directions and will select the appropriate color and get acquainted with ordinal numbers:  first, second, third and so forth.  Tell the children to color the first egg red (from left to right and demonstrate) and continue until all eggs are colored.  Ask children to say out loud what color is the second egg, which color is the seventh egg, etc. to practice the concepts.

Older Preschoolers and Kindergarten:  Practice writing numbers 1 to 6 or color words using lined writing paper.

First-Grade Math Concepts Addition and subtraction facts
Conduct simple addition and subtraction using the eggs and basket.  Ask children to place a number of eggs in the basket and have them add more eggs or take away some and tell how many are left in the basket.  Write the equations as you conduct each exercise.

Introduce or review fact families.
A fact family is the set of addition and subtraction sentences (called facts) that are made up of two addends (such as 1 and 3) and their sum (4).
Examples of a fact family: 
1 + 3 = 
3 + 1 =   
4 - 1 =  
4 - 3 = 
2 + 3 = 
3 + 2 =   
5 - 2 =  
5 - 3 = 
2 + 4 = 
4 + 2 =   
6 - 2 =  
6 - 4 = 
Make up stories such as this using the egg and the basket to practice the set of addition sentences in a fact family: 
The Easter bunny placed one egg in the basket, and he came back and placed two more.  How many eggs were left in the basket. Four eggs were left. 
Repeat with the next 3 equations in the fact family.
Write a few fact family equations in this lined paper to practice these concepts.

Color Mixing Activity: Learning about Primary Colors and Secondary Colors - Ages 3+

Alphabet Activity: Letter E Egg printable activities - (short e sound) Ages 3+
Present alphabet letter E as a separate activity along with Printable Activities.

Nutrition Activity:  Food Group > Protein > Poultry and Eggs
Visit this activity to learn the nutritional value of eggs.  Where do eggs come from and the hatching process.
Easter Eggs Basket Craft
to learn colors and counting
easter eggs basket colors

Templates 1
Template 1a
(1a eggs feature color words)

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Template 1
Template 1a (eggs feature color words)

primary color mixing activity
Color mixing activity

letter e egg printable activities
Letter E Egg printable activities