Handprint Flower Craft - Unity | Family
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This is a special activity in which the entire family can participate to honor a loved one. It is also suitable for other educational themes, holidays and special occasions related  to a peace education, unity message or a family theme. Refer to the instructions for a list of these themes and occasions in the instructions page.

Activity:  Holiday Theme
History of the Holiday or Special Occasion
Parents > Share and explain how your family celebrates the holiday and what traditions are observed.   Examples:  Special dinners,  family get-togethers, gift giving,  going to see fireworks, reading a book related to the holiday, going to see a parade, visiting Grandparents, what special foods are prepared on that day, what are the special colors for the celebration, etc.  Feature the colors of the holiday in the handprints
Educators >  Share how the community and country in general celebrates the holiday or special occasion or event.

Science Theme > Plants > Flowers
This crafts offers the opportunity to address the topic of plants, how seeds grow.
*Visit Dottie's Garden: a short online activity to view the process of how a seeds grows.

*Assemble the craft, paste to construction paper leaving room at the bottom to draw a flower pot, roots, and paste seeds.

*Discuss the basic parts of the flower: stem, leaves, petals.  Label the parts of the flower.

family or unity flower craft
Leaves and stem

*Black & White


Activity:  The Family or Unity Hand Flower Craft
  • white paper
  • coloring tools
  • scissors
  • glue or glue stick

    This craft involves tracing the hand or doing individual handprints of each member in the family. These handprint tracings or paint handprints are placed to form a flower.Print instructions for suggestions.

Activity: Alphabet Letter F is for Flower Printable Activities 
Introduce or reinforce letter F recognition and initial handwriting practice.