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Here is a fun story about a crocodile that loses a tooth.  Find out what happens and who helps him find his tooth.

Activity > Online Story > Clyde's Smile (Adobe Flash)

1.  Read and listen to the story.  Allow the children to use the mouse to move to next frame.

2.  Help and ask children to identify the animal characters.

3.  Topics and themes: Good Neighbor, Friendship, Helping each other, Returning Things
Background and suggested discussion:
Elephant, Hippopotamus, and Monkey all offer to help Clyde find his tooth, this demonstrates great kindness and shows they are good helpful friends.  Turtle also exhibits positive behavior.  What was the nice thing that she did for Clyde?  Turtle returns something she has found to its owner, Clyde.  This is a good thing and it makes Clyde so happy!  Make sure to discuss this aspect of the story.  Give other examples.

4. Turtle is the hero in this story, and they are all heroes for offering to help as well!   Let's celebrate how wonderful it is to return things that we find.  Celebrate for  friends that help us when we need help and for helping others when they need our help!  Come and let's make a fun crocodile or turtle!

Activity >  Crafts > Crocodile
Select a crocodile printable activity and learn some basic facts about the animal.

Activity >
Dramatic Play > Story Play
Dramatize the story with felt-board characters and hand puppets made with coloring pages found in the materials column.

Activity > Alphabet Lesson Plan > C is for Crocodile and Clyde
crocodile crafts
Crocodile Crafts

letter c crocodile printable activities
Letter C Crocodile Printable Activities

Hand puppets or felt board characters with coloring pages:
Crocodile, Elephant, Turtle, Monkey and Hippopotamus