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This is a very simple craft for young children to introduce a very special animal, the bald eagle, a United States national symbol and the national bird and prominently featured in the The Great Seal of the United States.

Understanding our national symbols is important to develop an important character trait -- citizenship.

The craft can help to enhance related skills and knowledge in the following areas: alphabet practice: E eis for Eagle, can be part of a bird theme unit, and incorporated into United States patriotic holiday presentations.

Review themes/ learning activities below and decide on a sequence that best meets your curriculum needs.

Themes & Learning Activities:
Acquaint children with United States Symbol: The Bald Eagle

Activity: Craft Activity - Patriotic Bald Eagle Craft (with Uncle Sam Hat)

Printing option 1:
Print the color template, conduct learning activities and assemble.

Printing option 2:
Print black & white template, color first, consider a color-by-the-number or color-by-the-letter activity -- review below, cut out template pieces and assemble.

Ideas for assembly: Assemble eagle first, then assemble the hat to focus on the different shapes. Glue assembled hat on the eagle's head last.

Other ideas for decorating, displaying or using the finished craft:

1. Replace paper eyes with large wiggly eyes.
2. Decoration: Place a piece of magnet paper to back to place on refrigerator or metal surface.
3. Make a handprint wreath (red, blue, white cutouts or painted handprints) and attach the bald eagle for a finishing touch.
4. Attach to a card board tube to make a stand up display.
5. Dry-Erase Note Holder: Cut out and laminate a piece of white card stock the width of the Eagle and long enough (9-10 inches) - to make a dry-erase note holder. Glue the eagle to the upper border and glue a magnet on back.

Alphabet / Number & & Shapes Practice:
Alphabet: Whenever possible use the craft to introduce letters or numerals.

Letter or Numbers: Color-by-the-Number or Color-by the Number or Letter Activities
Before distributing the template, write numbers or letters in the template pieces to represent the different colors. On a separate piece of paper or along the border of the template make a simple graph with the number or letter and color code with designated colors so the children can refer to it.

: The Uncle Sam Hat - Make sure to identify, sort identifiable shapes - stars and rectangles.

Activity:Alphabet Letter E is for Eagle printable activities

Activity: Online Jigsaw Puzzle: Bald Eagle Skills > Problem solving

Patriotic Bald Eagle Craft
patriotic bald eagle craft
Illustration only
Ages 2.5+
Craft Templates


Black & White

*glue stick
*something to color with

letter e eagle printable activitis
Letter E Eagle printable activities